City of Pride!

The city of thousand stories, Varanasi is like a website page showcasing too many things to choose from. The indispensable country seat is a melting pot of both good and bad. The picturesque Ghats involve temples, shrines and what not! The ripples in the Ganges witness, ‘Aarti’ a real art of tranquillity. The essence of such rejuvenation lies in the rhythmic mantras and other respective recitations. The Ghats and their decor are garnished by priests, saints, sages and devotees. Now, the city which caters spiritualism in tons is technology driven as well. It’s been a couple of years that I went to Varanasi when I saw Puja being offered through phone. The priest explained what ritual to do when. The city which is run by the priests is the world’s oldest city. It’s been said that at the time of destruction, this city would be the last to extinct. The city which welcomes people from all corners of the world possesses the most narrow lanes any city would have: ‘The lanes beckon me beneath the city , the laws of piety are enough to be witty. Those roaring Vindhyachal beasts are now in my kitty.’

The city says,” Come again, come again O lady.” The city is known by other names as well, such as Kaashi and Banaras. It is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. At this point, let me mention the most important things one must enjoy while travelling the city: 1. Banaras ka paan 2. Sweets 3. Banarasi Saari 4. Black berries The city is a big pot of temples and Shivalingas. At every fourth step there is one small or a big temple. Visheshwar temple, Maa Annapurna temple are few such points of devotion. With the city advancing to technology, the spiritualism is sincerely maintained yet. The city is wrapped with sweetened people, mantras in the morning and whole hearted Bhojnalayas. Sitting next to the Ghat at the peace of my mind, I feel, solace; my ultimate aim.


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