Rescue rangers :: ‘The Darzi’

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”Oscar Wilde

I remember once sitting for a chit chat with friends when we were discussing exactly what is meant by Fashion and Fashion designing. Different people, different opinions. Few found it a business while others restricted it to a platform of experimentation. I find Fashion an art wherein you play with colors and cloths together. To be honest, its an extension or modification to the profession of a tailor (Darzi) who is seen in various corners of the lanes. Within fifty rupees, you manage to receive a graceful welcome in weddings and parties worth lacs. Remember the chapters we read on Mughals, their heavy attires took month long time to be created. The tailor was named as tailor and his remuneration was his appreciation with few compliments from the king. Today, the art of tailoring has been defined as Fashion designing involving extensive courses and in-depth studies. Pearl, NIFT and institutions like these offer comprehensive courses which can cost a bomb to you, once you plan to pursue it. No one knew if tailoring would take up such a makeover in the league. Wearing good and looking good is the main aim of people with least worries on expenses.

Ritu Beri, Sabyasaachi Mukherjee are the common names in the daily conversation today. In addition to it, wearing designer wear is very much in thing and thus, market keeps booming with the increase of designers and their collection. But to whatever magnitude we change, our 11th moment conversation with our Darzi remains intact especially when he is ‘stitching’ our dress material. We put in our creative inputs to him when the usual reply comes ‘Madamji, do this neck design, it will suit you’. Attending a wedding or a quite occasion, Darzi remains our savior throughout. Though the rescue remains unacknowledged at all times as post stitching, its a ‘designer wear’. Even if the so called designer measured you wrongly, answers are ready with plastic smile, ” my designer you see”. A recent NIFT graduate trying to measure your torso excites you equally to the irritation you develop when the decade old Darzi tries taking your measures. Nothing comes out better other than accepting the talent at any level. Think about the creativity bestowed to your Darzi sitting in small shed before envying his ideation to make you look good.


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