The Monster

Last night I was
Among some deadliest monsters
They crouched together
I fought with great armour
Laws of piety did not matter
As the Digambaras and Shewtambaras have to say
“Killing any is an evil thing”.
For any case that is not a sin
Were there red scars
On my arms, on my skin
I was still lion in the field
No arms, no ammunition
Still the monster was the king
It was with an army, why on earth,
Human was alone
To face so many, night was disastrous
Sleep was gone
My palm, my fingers no more forward
They retired while my eyes collapsed
The quito ring too went dull, final and full
I faced the truth night was a challenge
The day next was tough
I had turned insane,
When returned home
A clarion call said


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