Interactive Classrooms – Learning unplugged

No chalk, no blackboard! Welcome to the new classroom where you sit right next to the technology. Today, learning is not restricted to books or the verbal teaching by the teachers. Multimedia, power point presentations and similar more flexible solutions make learning much more interactive. This is where interactive classrooms come into the picture. This is a personalized learning environment which has been designed and developed to meet the learning needs of the students. The teaching and learning is catered through the mediums such as audio, visual, mobile computing and formative assessment technologies around the curriculum.

It is a technology which helps you to change the way Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English are being taught. A holistic approach, diverse visual means enable the teachers to develop question papers and analyze the performance of students. In addition, the teacher can bring in a Mobile Science Lab in the classroom. What else can you ask for? There are a plethora of advantages that one gets once you take up this:

  • Smart

  • Interesting

  • Engaging

  • Interactive

  • Effective

These interactive classrooms makes the abstract and tough concepts come to life and thus, make it easier to comprehend. This technology solution offers tools and methodologies for evaluating the students and empower the teachers to analyze their performance regularly. This is an extensive teaching and learning cycle wherein it is more lively and yet informative.

In many ways, this has helped the teachers to add to their skills and make a better way in their career. Today, teachers are abreast with the technology and are able to impart more learning to the students. It has given a cutting edge to the careers of the teachers across the education arena. With the passing time, much more revolutions can be seen in the sector and definitely, paving a way to a brighter future in the education industry. All thanks to the interactive classroom sessions!

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