Yes, that moment!

They said what does romance mean to you? And I remained speechless and refused to answer. I have always refused to answer this question and maintained complete privacy about it. And I don’t know why I do that. I have always projected as if it doesn’t mean anything to me and that I am a sarcastic personality to even talk about it. People consider me to be a weird and a crazy being and distances away from romance. It does exist in me. Yes, it does! Before I begin, romance is not sex for me. I think beyond it.

It is that bondage between two people which is as delicate as glass. I can define it as a feeling to be desperate, crazy and at peace with the other person. Imagine, a joy ride in a car through wide highway. Cool breeze, dark clouds and few droplets. Hand in hand and that uninterrupted eye contact. I want things to get beautiful and I should feel beautiful. That ultimate joy of being with someone irrespective of anything happening in the world. That peace of mind and heart when no worry can hinder me and haunt. I feel of tranquillity and away from all the mundane hassles of the world even for a second.


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