What according to you – is the biggest problem with Indian society?

Being selfish! Admit it, we Indians are. We love ourselves. The ratio of loving ourselves is so much that we do not realize that we have hurt others. This habit is the major cause of lot of issues arising in the society. Check this irony. We prefer taking bath twice but we do not look into repairing the drainage system near our house. It has been noticed, when women broom in their houses, they clean their place to the perfection but throw the waste somewhere near. Does that lead to anywhere? It is the basic problem in the Indian society. Read this piece of information and know more on the issues related to how Indians are shrewd and concerned more about themselves.


This issue of selfishness relates to various dimensions in the society. For instance, a young man on his bike is more keen on riding high speed and yet, doesn’t care about traffic rules. Imagine the consequences which could lead to an accident or anything. But, who cares in India? The objective of that young man is to reach some place early and show the people his bike skills. Irrespective of the fact, how he may be hurting others. The frequency of being selfish is so high in the country that we do not care on how it damages one’s personality. You may come across this in sections such as education, administration, sports and others. At times, the same issues affects the economies and development of a an organization. The senior employee wants to excel but cannot handle the success of his juniors. Why? Why is this happening in our society? There may be several reasons behind it. To start with, it can be personal grievances. A person who may have suffered at one point of time in his professional space so, he doesn’t wish to suffer next time. Thus, he makes sure that he is a better person at work and tries to make things fall in his place.


It is a universal thought that people wish to think good about them but that should not lead to being selfish. Another reason could be being in good books of their bosses. People look forward to attaining appraisals, promotions and perks. It makes them work more but also, it makes them overshadow others.


One thought on “What according to you – is the biggest problem with Indian society?

  1. Whats the point in you or me thinking about this dear… The whole nation has to realize this, which is impossible in our country 😦 What ever you say.. people will always have the attitude that what they do is only right..


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