Oh! Hello Summers!

Winters are now passing by, and in no time, we will be basking in the glory of summers. I know, we still have a month to go but are you prepared for the sweaty, and irksome summers? We are never! So let us get going with this piece of blog, and understand what all can you do to look beautiful, and petite this summer.

Firstly, feel beautiful about yourself. That is the key. Keep in mind that when you feel beautiful from inside, you are good from outside. Secondly, make water as your best friend. Nothing can help you keep away from the atrocities of heat than water. This can help you to detoxify all the harmful things from your body, and feel refreshed. It can help you get a very glowing skin. All those models, and actresses you dream of, always swear by water. Juices, and citrus fruits can also be life savers. And if you are traveling, then keep a water bottle handy.

Thirdly,  go for clothes which are light, and loose in fittings. Excessively tight fitting clothes can lead to suffocation, and a sense of uneasiness. This may cause difficulty in breathing, and other health problems. Make sure you go for colors which are not bright, or too eye piercing. Summers are meant to be easy, and light. Cotton is well recommended.

Fourthly, keep wet tissues with in your bag. It is understood, how many of us never stop sweating. So the moment sweat drops, wipe your face with these tissues.You will feel refreshed. This can also help you to keep your skin clean, and clear.

Fifthly, keep your hair in good condition. In summers, hair easily gets dirty, all credit goes to the pollution, heat, and dust. Never forget to wash your hair twice a week. It will be easier to maintain them, and keep them little away from the dirt.

I know all of the above tips are well known to you. There is nothing new. But the question is how many of you actually follow? No one else will take care of you other than you. Implement them from the day one. Following are some of the things that you should keep with you always:

1. Sunglasses
2. Sun screen lotion
3. Wet tissues
4. Glucose
5. Water bottle
6. Cap
7. Facewash
8. Deodrant
9. Hand fan


Bread Cutlets on your platter!

Thai, Italian, Chinese, and some more! Our platters are never full when it comes to food. So, we will not talk about any prominent cuisine, but rather take a look at something really easy, and simple. It is bread cutlets. I am sure many of you know about, and must have tried many times. But then I really can’t keep myself away from sharing the recipe.


5 boiled potatoes
5 to 7 bread slices
Red chilli powder
Coriander powder
Lemon juice
Chat masala

Peel the potatoes, and put them in a big bowl. Now, break the bread slices into small pieces, and mix with the potatoes. According to your taste, add all the spices. Put a small amount of lemon juice. Now, mash up the entire material. Make sure you mashed in a certain way that all the spices are evenly distributed. Once the mashing has been done, take a small bite to know the taste. Once, you are sure, make small patties in any shape. Now, deep fry them. Place them hot with any chutney. Bread cutlets are ready!

Art on your walls….

Art drives the world. Every creation in any form be it architecture, painting, or anything, you can witness human imagination everywhere. With the passing time, art has gone beyond. If you have a creative bent of mind, and have an inclination towards drawing then think about wall art. As the name suggests, any form of appealing drawing done on walls makes up to wall art.

Want to try it? Firstly, imagine what you want to draw. You can make cartoons for kids room, or a portrait in a living room. Before you start, always make a rough draft on a piece of paper. Remember, wall art will be final, and no modification can be done later. It can only be removed, when you get a paint done again. Wall art can have anything. Let’s take an example, you can make birds, or stars on the wall. Take a certain section of your wall which will be visible to the visitor. Always keep the size little bigger, as wall is often huge, and small objects may look more smaller.

When it comes to coloring them, use bright colors. Do not use light color, for example yellow color may not show up on a yellow colored wall. Make something easy, and pleasing. You can make objects like cartoons, birds, tree branches, flowers, and similar more. This wall art can both work as hobby, or even as a profession. All you need to do is make it look beautiful. You can share your art with others, and even take up contract wall art jobs at your friend’s places.

Wall art is one segment of interior decoration. It can make your house look lively. You can incorporate themes for your wall art such as nature, animals, caricatures, and more. These days, lot of professional wall artists are working ardently in this area. You can get guidance from them, and even learn from how they do it. There are lesser chances that you will get a professional course on it, but you can imbibe a lot from the professionals. But, you require a desire to learn this, and make it big in future. If walls are beckoning you, then wait not. Go ahead right away!

When you have budget barricades..

Not everyone is a king’s daughter. Not everyone has the luxury to buy dresses, and cosmetics now, and then. But the world doesn’t stop there. If you love dressing up, then nothing can stop you. All you need to do is understand, and employ strategies to look different from the same stuff you have. Let us realize what can be done.

Firstly, take a look at your wardrobe. Put all the clothes which have holes, and worn out stitches in the ‘not again’ bin. Remember, wearing shabby, and torn out clothes is not cool, and is very negative in appeal. Now, check those clothes which you simply love. For instance, you have a favorite white colored Kurta. Now, you can club that with any kind of bottom such as leggings of different colors, jeans, or even plain white cotton bottoms. You can club the entire look with dupatta, or any stole. Trust me it will look good. Wear a jeans, white kurta along with a vibrant stole. You will look matchless. At the same time, do not forget to make your hair. Keep them open, or semi clutch them.

Do not worry if you don’t have a white kurta, I am very sure, you will have white, black t-shirts, and some more in different colors. You can wear them with jeans, and carry a stole, a brighter one. You can pack the entire look with earrings of different kinds. And I know being a girl, you have many of them in your kitty. Just brush the dust, and you never you get a glimpse of unnoticed earrings.

In the same manner, just mix and match things, and wear them. Example, a skirt with a short top, kurtas with jeans, capris, and similar more. You can even try your hands on cotton sarees. Let me remind you that only clothes do not define a person. The entire package does. So, concentrate on every aspect. Yes, always look up with utmost confidence, and maintain a gentle smile in your face. Impress people with your confidence, talent, and good conduct. Nothing will stop you.

Let your hobbies become serious!

I accept that molestation and other serious crimes have increased at par. We do not how and when such ill wills made their way to our hearts. I have been thinking seriously on this issue and wondered why is all this happening? After much pondering, my heart said it is the joblessness or lack-of-will-to-do-anything which lead people to focus at unnecessary things in life. I wish if every human being could do what he or she liked, I suppose things wouldn’t have been same.

For instance, if you like sketching, just make a way to it. Join art classes, visit art exhibitions and do your own art work. You would have much work to do than anyone on Earth. Wish pursuing hobby was well channelized and given its due focus. Imagine, those teenagers who spend time in watching pornography, if they were encouraged to play more football, learn guitar and similar. Everyone should take out time from their mundane life and do what they like. No matter it is cook, gardening or painting. Let us all get busy in what we love.

I tried to differentiate people in this category. One of my friend is a researcher and is busy round the clock, yet, he manages to take out time for photography. This leaves with negligible time to even think anything nonsense. He says, “I have so much to do, I have to make an assignment and then go out and click pictures. Will take some rest meanwhile.” Must say, he has no time for even think about wrong things. On the other hand, I have a friend who is currently out of job and sits idle almost idle for the entire day. She assists in some household chores and get back to news just to watch the only crime based programes. And, yes, she hardly meets people. When you visit her, she has enough time to complain about life and daily things. Wish, she could do what she likes. I asked her what do you like doing, she answered, ” Yar, I don’t like doing anything but may be i do little help to my mother. I love dance but I am too lazy now.” I encouraged her to dance and learn new things in this area, but all in vain. Such people have more negativity towards life than other thus, leading to more disruptions and  peculiar social life. I suppose  everyone should do something constructive in life even if it is small in number. Just the way, I like writing, you do that you love. If you still do not know what you like then find out. It is time that we should get awake, realize our dreams and pursue them.

Floor smoothie!

Across the revolution of this real estate culture, we all have noticed a terrific development in infrastructure. Look around and you see, gigantic malls apartments, complexes and what not. Lot of focus has been put on making the architecture worth looking at. Be it walls or the floor, you are left just mesmerized. I must say, people are also willing to spend on the designs. When it comes to floors, I must say, extra input is put on making it cleaner. But in the process, we do not focus that after repeated mopping activities the floor becomes excessively slippery.

This sounds impressive that it is shiny and smooth but it is also risky. There are frequent chances of people to trip over and fall. This aspect is mostly overlooked and not bothered. But, I think it is a vital parameter to always focus at. Slight carelessness can lead to people falling and getting hurt badly. Have you ever given a thought to it? If not just give it a glimpse. If you are a shop owner or own a big house, make sure that the floor is clean but not mopped repeatedly. Floors especially, the marble ones are slippery, and get more slippery when mopped now and then. The objective should be removing the dirt and nor not smoothing the surface.

A number of major accidents have come into picture due to this and still not much attention has been given. Lets think about it.

Sea, I see you!

I love the ocean. I simply love them. Why I do so? Something beckons me right there. Be it the blue green color of the water or the cool breeze, something keeps telling me to stand right there for a lifetime. I would love to be there over and over again. Those waves in the ocean tell me everything is fine and everything is going to be perfect soon. I like whispering to them from my heart. Far away from the chaos in the city, the sand, the breeze and the endless water keep me at peace. Yes, peace, that peace I long for everywhere I go. I seek it in every nook and corner. I seek in the crowd, I seek in solitude. I seek it everywhere. But, when I am at the beach, it’s priceless. I feel at life with the ocean. Must say, even those vendors are not a disturbance. Rather, I just feel myself.

I am a mermaid there with beautiful limbs who loves the gift of ocean and that is serenity. Be there, when I need you. I want to embrace you. I know you will be there. Thank you.


Khamkha us naajuk umr me dekhliya tujhe

Khamakha har lamha tera intezaar kiya

Khamkha hi sahi par sacche dil se pyaar to kiya

Ab baarish girti hai to

Pehle jaisa rumani nahi lagta

Par aur bhi khubsurat lagta hai

Jaanti hun ab aur tu nahi hai saath

Par jo zindagi ki taleem di tune

Wo khamkha besar to nahi

Basharte aaj tu nahi saath

Par ye pyaar khamkha hi sahi

Those good old men….The gentlemen!

I understand we have reached a place where trusting any man is a question. Should I, should I not? With rapes being reported in every 18 hours, we know how critical the situation is. We all are fighting against it. So many protests, riots and processions! What not is happening in the country. In last 15 days, did we reach anywhere? We did not. Rather, we lost our trust on every man in the crowd. Some where in this chaos, those good men have lost. We have forgotten the fact that there is still a small ratio of men who respect women the way they are. These men can be fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and good friends. Not to forget, the ratio comprises good men from all masses. Let us not blow them from our minds. And, with the passing time, the number is definitely decreasing. This is making the good men feel neglected and insulted. As, we the women blast them with all our hidden frustration for our pitiful situation. We think every man is wrong. They hear us speaking bad about them even if they are correct. Neither it is our fault nor theirs. But, yes, they are the first under the radar to hear nonsense about being men, and the masculine powers.

The man who is kind in his words is considered a flirt. The man who helps a woman is considered a pervert. Let us understand, not all men are wrong. Brush the dust from the word ‘Gentlemen’ and realize, good men do exist. May be just small in number. These gentlemen love the way you are are, how your body was crafted, how you speak and how beautiful your soul is? Dear ‘gentlemen’, do good, be good. We women are longing for you!