Those good old men….The gentlemen!

I understand we have reached a place where trusting any man is a question. Should I, should I not? With rapes being reported in every 18 hours, we know how critical the situation is. We all are fighting against it. So many protests, riots and processions! What not is happening in the country. In last 15 days, did we reach anywhere? We did not. Rather, we lost our trust on every man in the crowd. Some where in this chaos, those good men have lost. We have forgotten the fact that there is still a small ratio of men who respect women the way they are. These men can be fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and good friends. Not to forget, the ratio comprises good men from all masses. Let us not blow them from our minds. And, with the passing time, the number is definitely decreasing. This is making the good men feel neglected and insulted. As, we the women blast them with all our hidden frustration for our pitiful situation. We think every man is wrong. They hear us speaking bad about them even if they are correct. Neither it is our fault nor theirs. But, yes, they are the first under the radar to hear nonsense about being men, and the masculine powers.

The man who is kind in his words is considered a flirt. The man who helps a woman is considered a pervert. Let us understand, not all men are wrong. Brush the dust from the word ‘Gentlemen’ and realize, good men do exist. May be just small in number. These gentlemen love the way you are are, how your body was crafted, how you speak and how beautiful your soul is? Dear ‘gentlemen’, do good, be good. We women are longing for you!

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