Sea, I see you!

I love the ocean. I simply love them. Why I do so? Something beckons me right there. Be it the blue green color of the water or the cool breeze, something keeps telling me to stand right there for a lifetime. I would love to be there over and over again. Those waves in the ocean tell me everything is fine and everything is going to be perfect soon. I like whispering to them from my heart. Far away from the chaos in the city, the sand, the breeze and the endless water keep me at peace. Yes, peace, that peace I long for everywhere I go. I seek it in every nook and corner. I seek in the crowd, I seek in solitude. I seek it everywhere. But, when I am at the beach, it’s priceless. I feel at life with the ocean. Must say, even those vendors are not a disturbance. Rather, I just feel myself.

I am a mermaid there with beautiful limbs who loves the gift of ocean and that is serenity. Be there, when I need you. I want to embrace you. I know you will be there. Thank you.


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