Floor smoothie!

Across the revolution of this real estate culture, we all have noticed a terrific development in infrastructure. Look around and you see, gigantic malls apartments, complexes and what not. Lot of focus has been put on making the architecture worth looking at. Be it walls or the floor, you are left just mesmerized. I must say, people are also willing to spend on the designs. When it comes to floors, I must say, extra input is put on making it cleaner. But in the process, we do not focus that after repeated mopping activities the floor becomes excessively slippery.

This sounds impressive that it is shiny and smooth but it is also risky. There are frequent chances of people to trip over and fall. This aspect is mostly overlooked and not bothered. But, I think it is a vital parameter to always focus at. Slight carelessness can lead to people falling and getting hurt badly. Have you ever given a thought to it? If not just give it a glimpse. If you are a shop owner or own a big house, make sure that the floor is clean but not mopped repeatedly. Floors especially, the marble ones are slippery, and get more slippery when mopped now and then. The objective should be removing the dirt and nor not smoothing the surface.

A number of major accidents have come into picture due to this and still not much attention has been given. Lets think about it.

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