Let your hobbies become serious!

I accept that molestation and other serious crimes have increased at par. We do not how and when such ill wills made their way to our hearts. I have been thinking seriously on this issue and wondered why is all this happening? After much pondering, my heart said it is the joblessness or lack-of-will-to-do-anything which lead people to focus at unnecessary things in life. I wish if every human being could do what he or she liked, I suppose things wouldn’t have been same.

For instance, if you like sketching, just make a way to it. Join art classes, visit art exhibitions and do your own art work. You would have much work to do than anyone on Earth. Wish pursuing hobby was well channelized and given its due focus. Imagine, those teenagers who spend time in watching pornography, if they were encouraged to play more football, learn guitar and similar. Everyone should take out time from their mundane life and do what they like. No matter it is cook, gardening or painting. Let us all get busy in what we love.

I tried to differentiate people in this category. One of my friend is a researcher and is busy round the clock, yet, he manages to take out time for photography. This leaves with negligible time to even think anything nonsense. He says, “I have so much to do, I have to make an assignment and then go out and click pictures. Will take some rest meanwhile.” Must say, he has no time for even think about wrong things. On the other hand, I have a friend who is currently out of job and sits idle almost idle for the entire day. She assists in some household chores and get back to news just to watch the only crime based programes. And, yes, she hardly meets people. When you visit her, she has enough time to complain about life and daily things. Wish, she could do what she likes. I asked her what do you like doing, she answered, ” Yar, I don’t like doing anything but may be i do little help to my mother. I love dance but I am too lazy now.” I encouraged her to dance and learn new things in this area, but all in vain. Such people have more negativity towards life than other thus, leading to more disruptions and  peculiar social life. I suppose  everyone should do something constructive in life even if it is small in number. Just the way, I like writing, you do that you love. If you still do not know what you like then find out. It is time that we should get awake, realize our dreams and pursue them.


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