Oh! Hello Summers!

Winters are now passing by, and in no time, we will be basking in the glory of summers. I know, we still have a month to go but are you prepared for the sweaty, and irksome summers? We are never! So let us get going with this piece of blog, and understand what all can you do to look beautiful, and petite this summer.

Firstly, feel beautiful about yourself. That is the key. Keep in mind that when you feel beautiful from inside, you are good from outside. Secondly, make water as your best friend. Nothing can help you keep away from the atrocities of heat than water. This can help you to detoxify all the harmful things from your body, and feel refreshed. It can help you get a very glowing skin. All those models, and actresses you dream of, always swear by water. Juices, and citrus fruits can also be life savers. And if you are traveling, then keep a water bottle handy.

Thirdly,  go for clothes which are light, and loose in fittings. Excessively tight fitting clothes can lead to suffocation, and a sense of uneasiness. This may cause difficulty in breathing, and other health problems. Make sure you go for colors which are not bright, or too eye piercing. Summers are meant to be easy, and light. Cotton is well recommended.

Fourthly, keep wet tissues with in your bag. It is understood, how many of us never stop sweating. So the moment sweat drops, wipe your face with these tissues.You will feel refreshed. This can also help you to keep your skin clean, and clear.

Fifthly, keep your hair in good condition. In summers, hair easily gets dirty, all credit goes to the pollution, heat, and dust. Never forget to wash your hair twice a week. It will be easier to maintain them, and keep them little away from the dirt.

I know all of the above tips are well known to you. There is nothing new. But the question is how many of you actually follow? No one else will take care of you other than you. Implement them from the day one. Following are some of the things that you should keep with you always:

1. Sunglasses
2. Sun screen lotion
3. Wet tissues
4. Glucose
5. Water bottle
6. Cap
7. Facewash
8. Deodrant
9. Hand fan

One thought on “Oh! Hello Summers!

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