Web content writers – The real sellers at the web

If you look at the online market today, it is raining content. Without content, it is difficult to sell your product online. The web involves content at a large magnitude which is read by one and many. In all aspects, it is crucial to make your audience read what you are selling. People read and analyze in order to decide whether to buy a certain product. With so many web agencies venturing now and then, demand for writers has become higher as well. Every businessman needs a writer. Content is the essence of any online business and so is the importance of a writer in an online marketing company. Wish to know more about them? Read this piece of information.

The web content writer develops content which is business specific and is meant to inform the audience about the product. For instance, you wish to promote your line of female attires. The writer develops content which is based on the apparels you are offering. The content involves the keywords that would attract the reader. Some of the keywords can be female Kurtas, short Kurtis, skirts and others. These keywords are incorporated in the content. Varied form of content is written and promoted such as articles and blogs. This content is further optimized by search engine optimization experts.

Activities like link building, off page and on page optimization are pursued so that the content manages to beat all its competitors and emerges right up in the major search engines. The SEO executives work ardently to get the highest ranking at the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others. The more the content highlights at the search engines, the more clicks it gets from the existing and potential clients. Writing a content is just not writing. It involves extensive research on the respective topic. The writer needs to understand for whom is he writing. Some of the questions that writer has to answer while writing are:

  • Who am I targeting to?
  • Is my product tangible or intangible?
  • Does my product have a demand in certain geographic region?
  • Any season when it has more demand?
  • Is web the best way to sell it?
  • What are its advantages?

Since, it is a research and development based job, the writer gets umpteenth opportunities to learn about new things. The jobs and perks of this kind of job are in plenty. The remuneration is always at par and many times, the professionals get paid extra for writing more. But, to be a web content writer, one needs to have a creative bent of mind and he should know how to play with words. Patience to write novel is another requirement. Lastly, the writer needs to understand the product. There are different dimensions in the section of writing such as technical writer, travel writer, fashion & lifestyle writer and much more. With the world getting nestled inside the Internet, the writers have a rewarding future ahead.




Just the other day!!!!!!!!

Just the other day, I was going through a crowded shopping area in my city. It was chaotic and people were in their usual hustle bustle. They were busy buying bangles, clothing, shoes and what not. I too had my share there, as I was hurdling into purchasing bags and other accessories. One shop to another, there were colorful apparels hanging, apparels to die for, and endless things to make a woman happy. There were people before me and after me. Everybody was trying to walk fast and reach somewhere without knowing the destination. Just as I was taking a look at some pleasant earrings and checking them in the mirror, something caught my attention. The mirror showed me the ‘real me’. Deep dark circles around my eyes, cheeks having pits on either side, dried up lips and greased glow, the one a fading heroine has. My hands and limbs were craving for some flesh, longing for some nourishment.

I was reminded of an old friend who asked how I maintained my figure. I chuckled at her thought. I have seen pictures of those actresses claiming zero figures. They displayed how beautiful it feels to be thin. I wondered how? I don’t feel anything. I want that day in my life when I am thin yet healthy. My skin singing Pa para ram pam pam…..my eyes gleaming with joy, my limbs, rich with flesh, and hair shining like never before. I see myself walking like some Bollywood actress, passing some classic smile like that of an old actress, an elegant walk, and happiness protruding in umpteenth forms.

Make your way with 3G

Is your life driven by Internet? At present, every other person is depended on web, and cannot imagine a life without it. Be it profession, or personal usage, Internet is a mode of reaching out everywhere. With the passing time, getting access to Internet is nothing tough. From modem, routers to 3G, web is handy.

Presently, people prefer best 3G data cards in India. 3G or third generation of mobile telecommunication technology is one of the fast Internet access solutions. Across the market, there are a number of companies which are offering 3G data cards. From Airtel to Aircel, you can go for any. In this regard, there are a lot of online stores from where you can buy the product without slogging at the shops. In addition, you can get lucrative discount or schemes, thus not letting you affect the pocket too much. While searching at the web, you can search for the speed that you
are looking for. You can get upto 7.1 Mbps to even 21.1 Mbps. Take a look at the following advantages:

a. No extra data charges

b. Most lucrative/ affordable plans
c. Extensive network coverage
d. Flawless network

With 3G data cards, you have an opportunity to make video calls, video on demand, Live TV, and online gaming. Enjoying social networking, or any form of Internet is no more a hassle. With 3G, being in reach virtually is easy. Get best 3G data cards in India, and make way to an impeccable network.

Let’s doodle-do with stationery

Do you write on paper? You are lucky if you still do so! Remember? carrying plain Jane notebooks to school, and drooling over the new diary father received from his office? Back then name stickers, Reynolds, brown paper dominated the world of stationery. But now, its no more the same. Read this, and know how stationery is no more what it used to.

Experimentation is the word. OK! Let me tell you exactly what stationery I am talking about. Artists have started painting, sketching, and doodling illustrations which are followed by making them as covers for notebooks, and textbooks. By doodling, it means making random sketches all together in a paper on any theme. Remember, how we created those random drawings at the back of our text copies. This is all about that. The only difference being, it has been taken seriously, and has been materialized into a business concept. It can be in colors, and also in black & white. This is a recent emergence as a market product, and has been widely taken by audience.

Other than that, lots of focus has gone on making unique, and attractive greeting cards, photo frames, book marks, and more. People blessed with sketching skills are religiously taking it as a career, and even business. Artists are putting themes into making these products. For instance, making a cover of notebook with a sketch of Rajesh Khanna. This has also paved way for digital photography, digital painting, and sketching. So things are getting digital now. You can find creative designs with cartoons, caricatures, and more. The most trivial things like James clip, paper clip, greetings cards, invitation cards, envelops, card holders, etc are having novel concepts which will just blew your mind.

You can also take a look at different online stores which have come as revolution such as Shopo.in, Tappu ki dukaan, and more. They are offering the most ‘out-of-the-box’ stationery in diverse designs, colors, sizes, and themes. Wondering what will be the cost, and the quality? Worry not! They are within the pocket budget, and yes quality is unmatched until you intentionally try to harm it. These products will deliver long term service, and will make your items look pleasing. And if you are a creative person yourself then go ahead, and make some designs for yourself. Do not let the creativity die inside. Nothing can be beautiful than making these small little things big in life. IMG_3356

Breakfast like a king with new sandwich maker

They say “eat breakfast like a king”! Do you follow that? Daily morning hassles may leave simply you exhausted, and with very little time to make a real ‘king’s breakfast’. To make you feel like a king, Hamilton Beach has come up with  ‘Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker. This gadget can help you save the precious time which goes into making a sandwich.

This sandwich maker will be available in the market in the month of March 2013 (expected price $29.99 ). Wish to know how it will work. Keep reading! Once you layer all  the ingredients in the contraption, it will cook them all. Thus, getting a wholesome breakfast sandwich.In addition,this appliance features a unique sliding cooking plate which helps the sandwich to present by the end of the entire process. While you go for this, look for:

  1. User-friendliness
  2. Long lasting usage
  3. Ease in maintenance
  4. Warranty period
  5. Weight


Priesthood goes million dollar way….

young-indian-pandits-tanuja-chopra“Men worship the rising, not the setting sun.”

If god could be seated at one place then worshiping him geographically would have been much easier. Now that the world is segregated into so many parts and the god is omnipresent, the bridge in-between too needs to be diversified. Today, spirituality is modernity influenced and so is reaching across the seas. At a large extent, lot of Hindu priests are getting opportunities abroad for performing religious rituals and take up related activities. Indians staying in Mauritius, Thailand, Kenya, US, Germany, Holland, England, Australia and others are demanding well-educated priests for undertaking all the religious rituals.

At present, there is plethora of plum jobs in the area and is gaining mass attention among people especially Brahmins. Other than big demands for astrologer’s abroad, a considerable dearth for ‘Pandits’ has been noticed. Being only Pandit is not only the thumb rule needed, one has to be fully aware of all Vedas, Shastraas and similar areas says Swami Prashaantam Dev Saraswati of Dudeshwarnath temple. He adds,” in an absence of  Brahmins, ‘Malichs’ (the one who is not pure) come up in sync with western influence. The Brahmins are required to take up there responsibilities and should follow the roots they have come from.” Knowledge in various areas such as weddings, Pujas, post death rites and others are definitely bringing ‘Midas touch’ jobs in abroad.

“Over seven Achaaryas have been to abroad from our Dudeshwarnath Vidyapeeth. They are not only performing their jobs well but in return are receiving lot of appreciation and respect.” Said the temple secretary. Respect is being well accompanied by good salary structure, which in a way is an added advantage. In course of making the profession more comprehensive, Rajasthan Sanskrit University is putting efforts to make this career a demanding one. The university is offering diplomas in spiritual studies and similar areas are available too. These diplomas are bringing the practicing priests chunk of jobs overseas.

At this junction when recession is bringing in lot of crisis among common people, spirituality is purest way to financial success.