Priesthood goes million dollar way….

young-indian-pandits-tanuja-chopra“Men worship the rising, not the setting sun.”

If god could be seated at one place then worshiping him geographically would have been much easier. Now that the world is segregated into so many parts and the god is omnipresent, the bridge in-between too needs to be diversified. Today, spirituality is modernity influenced and so is reaching across the seas. At a large extent, lot of Hindu priests are getting opportunities abroad for performing religious rituals and take up related activities. Indians staying in Mauritius, Thailand, Kenya, US, Germany, Holland, England, Australia and others are demanding well-educated priests for undertaking all the religious rituals.

At present, there is plethora of plum jobs in the area and is gaining mass attention among people especially Brahmins. Other than big demands for astrologer’s abroad, a considerable dearth for ‘Pandits’ has been noticed. Being only Pandit is not only the thumb rule needed, one has to be fully aware of all Vedas, Shastraas and similar areas says Swami Prashaantam Dev Saraswati of Dudeshwarnath temple. He adds,” in an absence of  Brahmins, ‘Malichs’ (the one who is not pure) come up in sync with western influence. The Brahmins are required to take up there responsibilities and should follow the roots they have come from.” Knowledge in various areas such as weddings, Pujas, post death rites and others are definitely bringing ‘Midas touch’ jobs in abroad.

“Over seven Achaaryas have been to abroad from our Dudeshwarnath Vidyapeeth. They are not only performing their jobs well but in return are receiving lot of appreciation and respect.” Said the temple secretary. Respect is being well accompanied by good salary structure, which in a way is an added advantage. In course of making the profession more comprehensive, Rajasthan Sanskrit University is putting efforts to make this career a demanding one. The university is offering diplomas in spiritual studies and similar areas are available too. These diplomas are bringing the practicing priests chunk of jobs overseas.

At this junction when recession is bringing in lot of crisis among common people, spirituality is purest way to financial success.


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