Let’s doodle-do with stationery

Do you write on paper? You are lucky if you still do so! Remember? carrying plain Jane notebooks to school, and drooling over the new diary father received from his office? Back then name stickers, Reynolds, brown paper dominated the world of stationery. But now, its no more the same. Read this, and know how stationery is no more what it used to.

Experimentation is the word. OK! Let me tell you exactly what stationery I am talking about. Artists have started painting, sketching, and doodling illustrations which are followed by making them as covers for notebooks, and textbooks. By doodling, it means making random sketches all together in a paper on any theme. Remember, how we created those random drawings at the back of our text copies. This is all about that. The only difference being, it has been taken seriously, and has been materialized into a business concept. It can be in colors, and also in black & white. This is a recent emergence as a market product, and has been widely taken by audience.

Other than that, lots of focus has gone on making unique, and attractive greeting cards, photo frames, book marks, and more. People blessed with sketching skills are religiously taking it as a career, and even business. Artists are putting themes into making these products. For instance, making a cover of notebook with a sketch of Rajesh Khanna. This has also paved way for digital photography, digital painting, and sketching. So things are getting digital now. You can find creative designs with cartoons, caricatures, and more. The most trivial things like James clip, paper clip, greetings cards, invitation cards, envelops, card holders, etc are having novel concepts which will just blew your mind.

You can also take a look at different online stores which have come as revolution such as Shopo.in, Tappu ki dukaan, and more. They are offering the most ‘out-of-the-box’ stationery in diverse designs, colors, sizes, and themes. Wondering what will be the cost, and the quality? Worry not! They are within the pocket budget, and yes quality is unmatched until you intentionally try to harm it. These products will deliver long term service, and will make your items look pleasing. And if you are a creative person yourself then go ahead, and make some designs for yourself. Do not let the creativity die inside. Nothing can be beautiful than making these small little things big in life. IMG_3356


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