Just the other day!!!!!!!!

Just the other day, I was going through a crowded shopping area in my city. It was chaotic and people were in their usual hustle bustle. They were busy buying bangles, clothing, shoes and what not. I too had my share there, as I was hurdling into purchasing bags and other accessories. One shop to another, there were colorful apparels hanging, apparels to die for, and endless things to make a woman happy. There were people before me and after me. Everybody was trying to walk fast and reach somewhere without knowing the destination. Just as I was taking a look at some pleasant earrings and checking them in the mirror, something caught my attention. The mirror showed me the ‘real me’. Deep dark circles around my eyes, cheeks having pits on either side, dried up lips and greased glow, the one a fading heroine has. My hands and limbs were craving for some flesh, longing for some nourishment.

I was reminded of an old friend who asked how I maintained my figure. I chuckled at her thought. I have seen pictures of those actresses claiming zero figures. They displayed how beautiful it feels to be thin. I wondered how? I don’t feel anything. I want that day in my life when I am thin yet healthy. My skin singing Pa para ram pam pam…..my eyes gleaming with joy, my limbs, rich with flesh, and hair shining like never before. I see myself walking like some Bollywood actress, passing some classic smile like that of an old actress, an elegant walk, and happiness protruding in umpteenth forms.

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