Soft skills – Significant. Are they?

Around diverse industry verticals, talks have been happening on how soft skills or good communication make effect. Fact remains – behavioral competencies work as a complement to one’s communication skills. How much do you focus on your behaviors, and relations with your team?  

The de facto is 90% of the project manager’s work involves communication. The team equally requires communicating back with the team leader. Written and verbal communication both are required to be in practice in any firm.

Imagine a situation. You are responsible to modify your website design and you undertake a lot of research to conceive a good concept. At the end, you mail your research work and ideas to your manager so that the correspondence is done. On the contrary, neither your ideas have been acknowledged nor any work has been done.  What remains your reaction? Acknowledgement of mails, communication of the subjects and ideas lead to smooth functioning of the teams. Lack of healthy communication leads to havoc at work. In order to keep any miscommunication at bay, it is recommended to pursue soft skill training program.

Some of the vital aspects that a person should keep in mind at work include:

  • Body language: Always make sure you are positive in your body movement. Lethargic activities, dullness on face and low self-esteem make a very bad impression. Soft skills take sessions and teach you how you can be dynamic, vibrant and positive at work.
  • Gestures: People have a habit of deciphering gestures in different ways. Majorly, people take gestures in a negative way even if it was intended so. Example: Waving hand at someone may mean either you are asking the person to come to you or letting them go.
  • Language: Corporate places rely majorly in English except geographical influence. For instance, companies in North India may have people Hindi at work along with English. It is vital that right words should be used in order to make the language correct. Further, abusive and unethical words should be avoided during any speech. Doing so might get you in trouble on corporate behavioral terms.
  • Volume or pitch: Many people have a tendency to speak at a pitch, where the person sitting next finds it difficult to hear.  It is important to be speak at considerable level and also, maintaining clarity in your pitch. 
  • Written communication: Work taking place through written communication is equally vital. It is highly crucial to write in a humble note and make sure your message has been send with utmost clarity. The message should be short and crisp. The words used should be easy to comprehend and any kind of adult content or abusive term should be avoided.

Looking at the acute requirement of good communication at all levels, the training and consulting organizations concentrate on honing one’s soft skills. The candidates are groomed to perfection and guided on how they can maintain an exuberant personality. The duration of these soft skills training program are not long. At the same time, you can even go for business communication skills learning. The more clearer is your communication, the smoother are your work processes.





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