Those were the days..

Before we embraced technology, life was was quite contented with small little things. We dint touch and type. We did not sit in the cafes, gossip, or talk about the new tablet that had come in the market. We loved sitting at the terrace, and LISTEN to each other. Life was beautiful then. Still it is.

Oh yes, those days birth day celebrations were restricted to homes. We wore skirts often called as skirt koti and ya, hardly, understood what was a brand. Entertainment meant dancing on Mere haatho me nau nau churiyan hain, or Hothon pe aisi baat. Such were the days when cassettes were being played and eating samosa was all our aim. Did we know some day Tibetans will conquer us or the Chinese? Even if mariners have been killed, we still relish Pizzas. Yes, food has nothing to do with feud and regionalism.



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