You, me and the world!

Enough of columns have been written across the papers and web about online media. People are talking and talking. Social media has taken a strong toll on everyone’s life. We are busy liking, commenting and sharing things both relevant and irrelevant. Emotions are brewing be it angst, fear, happiness or romance. Cascades of pictures and statuses are enough to display what he or she feels about the world.

Recently, I realized couple ‘good friends’ whom I have known for years and were good at greetings during social events suddenly unfriended me on Facebook. Little taken aback, I wondered what could have let them do that. I pondered over multifarious reasons which could have been responsible. But, none did the justification. These were the friends I shared good rapport and minimum communication. Though, the persons felt too high about themselves, I think that is where I lack. Down to Earth human I am.

This particular friend who unfreinded recently got married and left for US. I attended the wedding, I was happy only to realize later that I no more sound a good friend. What could have been the reasons, may be looking down upon another, or some sort of an envy. It is a very sorry state of the Indian human mind that the moment big things happen, you consider the other person unworthy. Won’t you ever come back to India, won’t you be a part of same part of population and do the mundane things of life? Or is it that I will not scale up in my life again?

People tell me not to think about it. Neither do I wish to. But, what I feel bad about is, the way humans are and have become, the upbringing we are giving to the generation and what they are learning towards the society. Greed, envy, and arrogance are such filthy elements which are just withering the human personality. I do not belong to that club.

Unfreinding is not alone an issue but also realizing that so many ‘friends’ are right there and remain dormant. I know few friends who fail to accept the pun and have the guts to cross the barricades of mutual respect. Not talking to you, or you taking the initiatives, ‘so to speak’ are not a matter of dignity. Unnecessary ego and looking down upon another are such awkward nuisances that I never knew existed. I am writing to put my opinions and keep this out of my mind. UNDERSTAND, looking down upon another and feeling envy will not make you great but rather too low in your morale and conduct.

Things amuse me, insensitive handshakes, rude eye contacts, fake talks and unwilling ‘best wishes’. Feel happy for others, you will be happy. Image


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