Awake my people, awake!

We are done with celebrations of Independence day yesterday. Most of us were seen snoring, watching TV, catching up with friends, and many were seen at the movie halls. And yes, not to forget, people wished each other on Facebook.

I was wondering what Independence meant for us? Country where still, 67% of households in rural areas do not have toilets, where people at least in 22% rural households walk half a kilometer to get drinking water – reminds us of our rights. Country where rapes are taking place every hour needs recollection of the fact how women are not respected in the country. The nation is getting fragmented in pieces in the name of dividing states. Scandals and scams are defining the country. All that I am speaking is nothing. We all know it, we all have read about them

Following the lines of Tagore, “Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” I should say, awakening from the inside is important. Awake my people, awake!



2 thoughts on “Awake my people, awake!

  1. Same feelings here Debo… I was reading about the Bofors Scandal and Sanjay Gandhi yesterday, and was shocked. It is really painful, few people for their own interest, is just selling our motherland, playing with the emotions of a common man. Human beings are considered as most intelligent creature, but there is really a big doubt. If we are, then how can we be so unethical & selfish. How can we be so blind for money and Power?


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