My take on content writing and development

I have been working in the domain of SEO content development for quite a good amount of time. Right from the time, I started working, there has been no end to the learning. I have learnt B2B marketing, Internet marketing, and corporate communication. With the job switches, and change of managers, professional life has always witnessed twists, and turns. While one of my first managers was a mentor in disguise, the others seemed to be representatives of agony, ignorance, personal turmoil, and frustration. I shouldn’t forget to mention that there has been huge learning from each one of them.

While working I realized, content writing is considered to be the most mechanical, and ‘just for the sake’ of job. The SEO executives would say, “deliver me 10 contents in a day on xyz content by the day end.” In addition, SEO executives have been seen quite ignorant of the content writing job’s pressure, and dynamics. Had the work been that easy, every writer would have been the highest paid professional in the world. Though, there are people who write a huge number of articles in a day. But, all is mechanical. They search, rephrase and paste. Their motive to meet the deadline by the day end leaves little creativity in them. On top of it, there is a consistent pressure of meeting the demands of the editor, or the quality managers.

Matching your senior, who is five, or ten years old in the industry may not like what you wrote. And there follows a strenuous journey of training, and grooming. I like that learning part. Sometimes, seniors are not satisfied because it wasn’t what they write. Writing widely depends on the writer’s experience, exposure, opinions, and lifestyle. Since, these differ from person to person there is always a clash between the writers, and the seniors.

I think efforts should be made to groom the writer, and not put pressure on him.  Moreover, a deadline of 8 to 10 contents may just cause a mental set back and take away the creativity.  Each content demands research, keyword integration, and rich vocabulary to meet the industry guidelines. Let me add, strategic keyword incorporation, less time, and delivery of different content in a certain time frame is not easy. Understand, content writer is a writer who is helping you to sell your product online. There is no point in sitting on his head, and pressurizing him to ape the senior’s writing skills. That will never happen. Accepting, and improving the writer should be the objective. Yes, while writing, a free mind is needed.

Professionals working in, and around with writers should empathize with their job. The seniors should understand, and accept the way the writer writes. But, yes, genuine mistakes are required to be handled in the right order. Look at those ace writers like Amitav Ghosh, Salman Rushdie and similar, they take time to write, and see how their books sell like hot cakes later. Understand, accept, channelize, and sell!


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