Work and its idiosyncrasies

Just a few days ago, I appeared for an interview where the interviewer claimed ‘scoring less marks is a crime, we do not entertain low scorers.’ Baffled, I was. Had everyone been a topper, the world wouldn’t have been this way. People are blessed with different talents, and they are required to be respected the way they are. I gave back, “I am good the way I am.”

In past several years, I have worked with many organizations. There have been different experiences. I have been hated, groomed, and grilled for my work at different intervals. Somewhere, down the line, I felt, I was not alone hated for my work. There were moments when lot of injustice happened at work places. I would like to add that people who switch jobs frequently may not have switched because of the work but that could have been due to:

  • Office politics
  • Bullying
  • Blame game
  • Jealousy
  • Bias
  • Personal frustration

People who are good or sweet get battered the most at work places. One cannot afford to be weak and fragile. You got to be strong. I was amazed to come across scenarios which dramatically came in the picture. Without my single hand in it, I saw myself totally in deep trouble. Not always, one is at blame. Somewhere HR efforts are required such as:

  1. Confidence building sessions
  2. Interpersonal communication between managers and team members
  3. Sessions on why and what is troubling an employee

There are times when employees fail to express their plight, and keep themselves in a shell. Most importantly, one should look at both the sides of the story. Until, you see both the sides of the coin, you never know what is exactly wrong. It is very disappointing how the weaker gets a kick.


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