Shudders and our path!

ImageIt’s 8.45 in the morning and the cab has just made a turn through the Chijarsi cut. Cold it is and all eight of us – all girls are sitting like conjoint twins. Mufflers, caps and thick sweaters and a deep discussion on political affairs are keeping these women engaged. Cab radio is buzzing at its full swing and I am seen banging my head to and fro. A couple of women are in trance, one is looking outside while the other one is betrothed with her ear plugs.

It is a daily routine to travel from Ghaziabad to Noida and by now, most of us are mavericks with the routes. We know the twists and are almost abreast with every customary jerk. Managing the bags and the bumps, the ride of approximately 2 hours is enough to penetrate into each other’s life and realize how expert we are at camouflaging things.

Eight women – eight stories! Every woman has things to share and lessons to impart. A club of ordeal behind those nails, paints, and that designer disguise! Eight women have been nurturing anecdotes from the time of their first Christmas. Manifesting themselves in their own rights..

Relationships, marriage, babies, rant and repeat – Life – WOMEN PERSONIFIED

What better way could I represent that cluster of women? And like that the day ends at our respective offices, the cab travels back from Noida to Ghaziabad. Crackling of jokes, leg pulling, serious debates, guidance on life, aspirations and the dreams – all shared everything under one roof. Autumn, spring, pitter patters and fluctuation of our heart beats – the cab keeps moving and moving. 

Picture courtesy – Can Sock


Me and the 2013!


I blinked and 2013 passed. I evolved a little more and learnt a few more lessons. And it was all beautiful. And I am prepared for the next year ahead. Before I comment on the political breakthroughs or the social uproar that that country saw, I should talk about the revolution that happened inside me. Firstly, let me share what all went wrong

  • TRUST on a friend died a loud death
  • Friendship is still collecting its broken ribs
  • Job that was so well embraced was lost to an unsung nuisance
  • And perennial sickness almost freaked me out

I fell almost apart. Reconciling with self. Now that the destiny has shown me the mirror of reality, I am shaping up my plans. Positive ones to be precise. Positive, all that you need to do in life. I am basically thinking positive and happier things. Putting my thoughts in things I feel happy about dressing up, decoration, humor, photography and all that glee in the world. Let’s be hopeful, let’s us be happy.

You can also name this transformation as ‘self realisation’, ‘evolving’ or ‘human revolution’. Name it anything, it is all about transforming into good and feeling good. And at times, when I look back, I feel sometimes that being an introvert and quiet a type was way better. I spoke less, listened more and gave the correct answer. Communication executed in the right order. That’s it! I want to work on that again.

When you are a woman..

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – said Coco Chanel once. And I completely agree. When it is a woman, a pretty woman, analyses and assumptions are bound to happen. Unsolicited associations are expected to take place even when you never wanted them. Following are few lines I can mention:

When you are a woman

When you are prettyImage

You are bound to be judged, wrongly judged

When you are a woman and pretty

You are linked with all the wrong men

When you are woman

You will be wrongly interpreted and always

When you are a woman and pretty

You will be misrepresented

When you are a woman

Whispers in the ears will take place

But it is ok! Absolutely ok! No one will understand you. We have reached that stage in our lives where arbitrating a woman wrongly is a norm. A pretty woman is inevitably a woman to be spoken about. But, let it be. Let them speak. Go classy! Go fabulous!

In my heart

Somewhere in this chaos

Somewhere in this hustle and bustle

Somewhere in the corner of my heart

And somewhere in this disguise of being so go-getter

I have given up

I may not be showing

I may not be discussing too much

But I have given up

I have stopped on thinking

Halted at a destination

Where I am numb

Numb to the commotion around me

Numb to the decorations and glitter

This consistent concoction of positivity and demeaning smirk

I have given give up

May be I will stand up again

May be I will show up with more glee and more affirmation

But, for now

I have given up!


When English met its first cousin

I love this indomitable spirit of learning English in India, especially Northern. This English training shops claim to teach you within 30 days, and get you a place at the MNCs and call centers. And we believe them! This country of both liberals and conservatives believes in unanimity that English is the only way to broadcast themselves in the world. Nothing else helps.

Like another ardent observer, I realized how we have molded many English words in ‘almost-Hindi’. For instance, we have given birth to Auntyji as a common way of addressing Mrs. Sharma in the neighborhood. Same goes with Uncleji. We have no clue what would have been their identity if England never introduced us to ‘Aunt and Uncle’. We Indians are rooted you see!

Something that bewilders me is ‘Ladies’ for ‘lady’. I mean why you would call a woman as ‘Ladies’? When did a woman add so much to our population I did not realize? Oh ya! How first becomes ‘Phirst’ remains another curious case.

And like that, we Indians customize English into a different level and we are proud about it. I will keep adding something more into this blog as and when I enhance our ‘English o mania Hindi’ dictionary!

My thoughts, my ambitions in bringing a change in the society!

Issue: It is always important to look at both the sides of a story. Across corporate and daily social life, people face issues related to work, peers and social taboos. It strikes their lives negatively.  Resultantly, it affects their moods and causes feud. It is important to come out of that.

What can be done: By making speeches, videos, wall art, thoughts, written words, creating satires and making social gatherings of people who have a lot of share but are not able to get the right platform.

Issue: People are running after west. Somewhere, the Indian culture and heritage is taking the back seat. Aping the west in the right order is understood but not blindly. Somewhere, the charm of being Indian is fading. The objective lies in restoring the Indian charm, eradicate the taboos and yet glorify in the international arena. As a matter of fact, I have seen people being ignorant of other states and related knowledge.

What can be done: By propagating the ‘feel’ will help in realizing how to go modern yet maintain the roots. The service will involve social gatherings in the form of ‘Baithiki’, apps on Indian culture, speeches, videos, written thoughts, satires, photography and discussions on Indian fashion, language, taboos and Indian music. The aim lies in molding the thought process.

Social media and networking will help at large. Consistent print based content sharing and videography are some other ways. Cartoons, pictures, illustrations and pictures will aim to restore the charm of being Indian.