My thoughts, my ambitions in bringing a change in the society!

Issue: It is always important to look at both the sides of a story. Across corporate and daily social life, people face issues related to work, peers and social taboos. It strikes their lives negatively.  Resultantly, it affects their moods and causes feud. It is important to come out of that.

What can be done: By making speeches, videos, wall art, thoughts, written words, creating satires and making social gatherings of people who have a lot of share but are not able to get the right platform.

Issue: People are running after west. Somewhere, the Indian culture and heritage is taking the back seat. Aping the west in the right order is understood but not blindly. Somewhere, the charm of being Indian is fading. The objective lies in restoring the Indian charm, eradicate the taboos and yet glorify in the international arena. As a matter of fact, I have seen people being ignorant of other states and related knowledge.

What can be done: By propagating the ‘feel’ will help in realizing how to go modern yet maintain the roots. The service will involve social gatherings in the form of ‘Baithiki’, apps on Indian culture, speeches, videos, written thoughts, satires, photography and discussions on Indian fashion, language, taboos and Indian music. The aim lies in molding the thought process.

Social media and networking will help at large. Consistent print based content sharing and videography are some other ways. Cartoons, pictures, illustrations and pictures will aim to restore the charm of being Indian.  


Thank you for your comment!

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