When English met its first cousin

I love this indomitable spirit of learning English in India, especially Northern. This English training shops claim to teach you within 30 days, and get you a place at the MNCs and call centers. And we believe them! This country of both liberals and conservatives believes in unanimity that English is the only way to broadcast themselves in the world. Nothing else helps.

Like another ardent observer, I realized how we have molded many English words in ‘almost-Hindi’. For instance, we have given birth to Auntyji as a common way of addressing Mrs. Sharma in the neighborhood. Same goes with Uncleji. We have no clue what would have been their identity if England never introduced us to ‘Aunt and Uncle’. We Indians are rooted you see!

Something that bewilders me is ‘Ladies’ for ‘lady’. I mean why you would call a woman as ‘Ladies’? When did a woman add so much to our population I did not realize? Oh ya! How first becomes ‘Phirst’ remains another curious case.

And like that, we Indians customize English into a different level and we are proud about it. I will keep adding something more into this blog as and when I enhance our ‘English o mania Hindi’ dictionary!

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