Me and the 2013!


I blinked and 2013 passed. I evolved a little more and learnt a few more lessons. And it was all beautiful. And I am prepared for the next year ahead. Before I comment on the political breakthroughs or the social uproar that that country saw, I should talk about the revolution that happened inside me. Firstly, let me share what all went wrong

  • TRUST on a friend died a loud death
  • Friendship is still collecting its broken ribs
  • Job that was so well embraced was lost to an unsung nuisance
  • And perennial sickness almost freaked me out

I fell almost apart. Reconciling with self. Now that the destiny has shown me the mirror of reality, I am shaping up my plans. Positive ones to be precise. Positive, all that you need to do in life. I am basically thinking positive and happier things. Putting my thoughts in things I feel happy about dressing up, decoration, humor, photography and all that glee in the world. Let’s be hopeful, let’s us be happy.

You can also name this transformation as ‘self realisation’, ‘evolving’ or ‘human revolution’. Name it anything, it is all about transforming into good and feeling good. And at times, when I look back, I feel sometimes that being an introvert and quiet a type was way better. I spoke less, listened more and gave the correct answer. Communication executed in the right order. That’s it! I want to work on that again.

2 thoughts on “Me and the 2013!

  1. How do you, and I read a few others, manage to put your thoughts and feelings so beautifully together into a garland of pearls. Pearls of wisdom, humor, and the choicest of words from the dictionary which I knew always existed but never really used them as they never really crossed the mind. Wish I could write even 5% as good as you can. Awesome. Short and crisp. Keep it up.


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