Always respond, never react!

I sneeze and someone calls it fever. Just the other day, I said, “I am going to have lunch.” The ripples came in turn like this, “You know what, she consumes a lot of time over lunch and hardly does any work. Gosh! She lacks dedication.” *’yes’ in chorus* People have commendable abilities to churn stories.

We often get succumbed to rumors and almost surrender ourselves. People talk and talk. They narrate stories. They kill you with their fictionally created storyboards. Why they do it?  Because they hate you. There will always be a chunk of people who will hate you, and make a mockery out of you. That shouldn’t bog you down. Understand, no one is perfect and you can never succeed without doing a few mistakes.

Once, you are immune to mockery and criticism – you know success is no more a distant department. And yes, getting low is absolutely human nature. If you felt bad, you felt down – you did what a normal human being would do. But, how you bounced back and responded to the situation is definitely a mark of positivity in you.

A senior professional once told me “Always respond, never react!” The way you react speaks volumes about you. It also displays aspects such as:

  • Your upbringing
  • Your education
  • Your background
  • Your lateral thinking
  • Your opinions

Someone who looks upto you may lose his or her enthusiasm in you after your reaction. When I look at the celebrities, I realize they work so hard to maintain their reputation and one small mistake lets them falling apart. Many of them are also known for being so calm and composed. For instance, Vidya Balan who was mocked at her dressing to death never lost her calm. Rather, she was once heard answering back to one of the criticisms so steadily, “The problems have been fixed. There aren’t any more issues on that front.” Your composure should affect the other person positively and encourage him to be equally good. Let him feel ‘how I could be like him?’

The one who possesses qualities to be responsive and confident at his own rights will always nail the world. If we could all nurture such qualities, this world would have been a much better place to dwell in. Let us respond and not react.


4 thoughts on “Always respond, never react!

  1. Well said ! The fact is we are bunch of judgmental hypocrites and without even knowing someone else, we make a joke out of them. The only solution to the criticism – Keep Calm and Move On !


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