The pat on my back

Today, it seems the human forgot his lunch. She is blasting over the phone for the other person’s forgetfulness. I tell you, it’s all mushy mushy between them. And ya, their only child, that fair and chubby kid is very naughty. He keeps playing all day long with the pups. Somehow, I wonder if he runs behind his mommy the way these pups do. The mother feeds him with her own hands unlike what I do. Good catch huh!

Right now, I am gazing at the woman who is busy with doing something in her kitchen. The problem is I cannot look beyond the height of the window pane. All I can see, is her hands working swiftly making breads and there, there she keeps the food container. It’s a huge one. The window is translucent so I see partially what is happening in the other house. I am eyeing at everything. Still, post lunch this is what I do. And then I wait for their lunch time to get over. It’s time. Guess the tail should wag now. Fast, fast and very fast! Pups are calling. The humans aren’t listening or what. They used to toss the pack much earlier and call me for the glory. Food making is taking time now or is it that kid is hogging on everything? But the older humans used to pat me so well. They even gave a small peck once. Would my jumping help? The tail should wag very high and low now. Aah! They are at rest.

It’s getting dark and it is getting cold. The fog in the night creates wetness in the bushes. Pups feel uncomfortable. They cry. Guess, they will sleep like that. Let me run, run towards to the other house. Oh look there is I see light in the other abode. I will find something.                                                      

P.S: The story has been written from the perspective of a female dog living near a flat. This canine has got attached to a housewife who used to pat on her back and throw bread occasionally. The description revolves around one of those days when the dog is unable to feed anything to her puppies. 


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