Chumbakiye Bharat!

ImageThere is this India which is playing on tablets and then there was that India which was contented with Doordarshan. Somewhere in the middle of a revolution, I wonder if we lost our charm, the very Indian charm. Those days when sunbathing during winter was divine and eating pakode by mother was all that we wanted. By then, momos didn’t replace our things and touchscreen didn’t fiddle with our talks. We listened, we chatted and roamed to places – we weren’t confined to our walls.

I was just in the middle of this chaos when I wondered the entire magic of being a typical Indian might fade away. At the pace at which we are aping the west, and embracing technology, we will be mechanized and camouflaged Indians soon. Rather we already are. In the middle of this westernization, I came across ‘Chumbak.’ An organization which has made a mammoth step to retain that appeal of India through various materialistic ways such as stationery, stickers, apparels and various other items.

What is so special with them?

Designs & themes: Indian! Everything is Indian out here. The designs and themes have been inspired from those little things we often come across and don’t really acknowledge at a larger level. For instance, a mobile cover with scooter theme or a key chain in the form of a sardar. Characters like neighborhood aunty, classical dancer, and similar more can be seen which you can easily relate with.

Vibrancy: Across the products when you take a tour, you realize, it is all colors. So colorful and so appealing. Real Indian I must say.

Chumbak has enhanced its spectrum to a level where you can find chat stickers on Facebook.There you may find animated characters and themes like Bollywood, a Rajasthani guy with a turban doing a namaskar and some more funny characters. And again, yes, Indian. From cushion covers, notebooks to apparels, you name it and you get it. In all shapes, sizes and designs, you get what you have been looking for. I am planning to get something. Aren’t you?

Photo courtesy: Chumbak

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