I am quiet but only…..

In this cacophony of city life

Somewhere, I am doomed to be quiet

The chiaroscuro street lights have swathed my thoughts

I am still quiet

The bubble of enfolded thoughts tell me what makes me quiet

Thinking about that crossroad

About the populace around me, their opinions

The following claustrophobia

Heart tells me, “Remain quiet. Remain so.”

This discreetness will take me places

Listen, share and move

Share what is right

Share what your heart says

Share what is affirmative

Share and love

The undesirable will dilute in the thin air

Nothing that harnesses wrongly will trap you

Coz’ you are quiet

Your heart and minds speaks volumes

But only to the progressive



Growing up and its mockery

Just the other day, I was at an event. Just like any foodie, I was digging into the dishes. Joined by my friends, eating usually becomes fun. But in my case, I welcome intriguing eyes and wagging tongue. Many a times, I do not get the point, how maturity or wisdom goes a miss at a considerable age? This person taunted right when I picked up a small plate of cutlets – ‘Debashri has a huge capacity to eat.’ Bewildered I was, but controlled. This followed when I preferred having a cold drink post dinner. The taunt came in full force – ‘After eating so much, the stomach still managed to make a place for a drink.’

With a lean figure (courtesy – family genes), I eat like a normal human being. I didn’t really get the point behind being sneered at my diet. Mocking at someone’s appetite is one of the worst traits, a human could exhibit. This was not the first time, I was being ridiculed. The reason why this person keeps doing this is, she is herself overweight and comes from a family of heavily built people. It was frustration inside which spoke in multidimensional ways. And there I sulked and answered, “I have a body type like that and I like that’.

I think, this is where the level of maturity shows up. Someone who has been through a lot and is not able to accept reality is an overgrown kid. I do not know where does the growing up goes? What goes wrong? In a similar way, a good number of incidents have happened in past which reflect a mockery on ‘growing up’. People behaving like a kid to look younger or intentionally, procrastinating ‘out of the box’ without a sense of responsibility. I think, the way you speak, look and behave, there is a lot you speak about the wisdom you have achieved till date.


SurajKund – populace, culture, handicraft and food

Image On 8th February, 2014, I managed to make a visit to SurajKund International Crafts Mela. Strategically located in Haryana, the demographics is huge and covers all corners in the most distinguished ways. This time, the theme was Goa (Sri Lanka was another attraction), so as you enter, you are welcomed by Goan music playing in the background and life size banners mentioning their welcoming note. Before entering, you are supposed to have an entry ticket worth Rs 70. From entrance, starts an extravagant trip to handiworks, food and people beyond boundaries. Despite that the theme was Goa, handicrafts and food came from all over the country. So eloquent and so magnificent! Talking about Goa in particular, the state offered incense sticks, cashew nuts and other handicrafts. You could find engraving done the Coconut shell. Some of the interesting items from other placesImage I came across were:

1. Marble handicrafts from Pakistan – Each item was huge in price and cost. Marble clocks to showpieces, one could find a huge assortment. I am sure that the quality was at par as the marble was genuine and the intrinsic creativity done was well justified.

2. Hand woven shawls from Odisha – So deep and so inherent in creation. Available in different colors, designs and prints, the craftsmen had a lot to offer. Also, there were craftsmen from the state who were offering statues made of marble. They ranged from Rs 85000 and reached sky.

3. Wood and metal work from Madhya Pradesh – I salute the ability to carve such statues made of wood and metal. The craftsmen put huge effort in researching and conceiving a concept which clearly shows up at best.

4. Apparels from Punjab – The state has always been known for its Patiala salwar kameez and a host of other cotton dresses. I purchased couple of salwars and Phulkari dress material from one of the stalls. And, the cost was nominal.

5. Paintings and jewelry from West Bengal – Art remains incomplete without mentioning Bengal. Artists brought hand made paintings made from Jute. Inspirations were taken from flora and fauna and they were worth your drawing room. I also bought a pair of Jute earrings which are definitely different from the other collection I have. Image

Coming to food, there was immense. To start with, we religiously savored Kala Khatta (flavored ice), followed by bhelpuri, makkhan malai (a speciality from Kanpur), kachories (both sweet and salty from Rajasthan), soya kathi chap and similar more. I recommend, try out dishes which you haven’t before. Sri Lanka was a striking aspect in that matter. We tried Kutty Rotty Egg which was made from flour gram and a good amount of spices. It was hot.

In a nutshell, the experience was good. I recommend people to have time and patience while touring through the Mela (fair). Looking at the fact that it is heavily crowded during weekends, enough precautions should be made while carrying children. If you are one of those who breathes art and culture in and out, Surajkund is the destination.  Image