Growing up and its mockery

Just the other day, I was at an event. Just like any foodie, I was digging into the dishes. Joined by my friends, eating usually becomes fun. But in my case, I welcome intriguing eyes and wagging tongue. Many a times, I do not get the point, how maturity or wisdom goes a miss at a considerable age? This person taunted right when I picked up a small plate of cutlets – ‘Debashri has a huge capacity to eat.’ Bewildered I was, but controlled. This followed when I preferred having a cold drink post dinner. The taunt came in full force – ‘After eating so much, the stomach still managed to make a place for a drink.’

With a lean figure (courtesy – family genes), I eat like a normal human being. I didn’t really get the point behind being sneered at my diet. Mocking at someone’s appetite is one of the worst traits, a human could exhibit. This was not the first time, I was being ridiculed. The reason why this person keeps doing this is, she is herself overweight and comes from a family of heavily built people. It was frustration inside which spoke in multidimensional ways. And there I sulked and answered, “I have a body type like that and I like that’.

I think, this is where the level of maturity shows up. Someone who has been through a lot and is not able to accept reality is an overgrown kid. I do not know where does the growing up goes? What goes wrong? In a similar way, a good number of incidents have happened in past which reflect a mockery on ‘growing up’. People behaving like a kid to look younger or intentionally, procrastinating ‘out of the box’ without a sense of responsibility. I think, the way you speak, look and behave, there is a lot you speak about the wisdom you have achieved till date.


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