Things thin people hear the most..

You do not eat, is it? – Oh yes! We don’t. We starve. I do not know since which day am I ears to this nuisance. I am thin not because I do not eat. But, I have a body type like that. And I am pretty proud of it.

You must be eating too much – And if the latter did not work out, this is another one. We do not live on mere morsels of rice. We eat like normal human beings do. And, our plates do not replicate Mount Everest.

You guys are always so fit – Exactly! Thanks to our genes, we manage to fit in a handkerchief without protruding things. Understand, body types differ in measurements. We have always been pendulum kinds who would move to and fro and yet never move by your thoughts

All clothes fit you like anything – Hell ya! All clothes fit us like daily passengers in Bombay local. Sizes like small and extra small define that chunk of people in that whole crowd. We proudly manifest it. You got to lose out all those extra flesh and step in our shoes.

You can adjust in any space – Bingo! We can manage within that thin gap between two walls. You see, we don’t really need space, we can sit in any nook. Or rather try vacuum for instance. I wonder to what extent thin people adjust while sitting in autos and trains to make sure that the other make-us-some-space people can sit.   


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