International Women’s Day

ImageHallelujah! Women’s day, yes, there comes a cascade of women based speeches on how good we are. Men religiously talking about women, the goody-goody things women do and the super power they are. It is that time of the year, when everyone will get into that feminist mode and gag praises about our mothers, sisters and the entire league. In this blog, I will not talk about the goodness we have or the revolutionary attempts we have done. I will talk about the bad woman who is there in all of us and manifests in many cases. 

What about the women who never let you live in peace or keep nagging for no reason. That woman who speaks rude or remains agitated on no occasion. Such behavior adversely affects the recipient’s mindset. Women are known for being kind hearted but not always. I have come across women who fail to develop compassion towards others.

Time and again, I have always seen women who own distinction in demotivating people, creating negativity in the environment and envying someone who is completely different from them. No one can be perfect and women equally stand there.

Kakeyi was the reason behind why Ram had to go to woods and Sita was the one who made sure he wasn’t alone. Two women, two scenarios! Draupadi was revolutionary then as she had five husbands. Sunanada Puskar died due to another woman’s folly. Saas bahu sagas remain perennial journey of feminine feudalism. You ask me why men have trust issues? I feel amazed with the diversity in women we have. Being a woman myself, I never understood the feminine complexity. The dynamism.

I have come across women who never reacted when their friend was on fire. The woman who never rescued or alerted the other. Women seem to be living in conundrum forever when they fail to decide and find it victory to win over silly debates. When you are a woman, you have to be positive, happy and a well-wisher to others. Your thoughts could cause Pyrrhic victory to someone else probably another woman. Compassion women, compassion! Hope this international women’s day brings in more change and more positivity. And a tinge of happiness!

Woman woman everywhere

Victory victory everywhere

And I swear

Then why empathy remains miles away

Things will sort

Sort with ease

Spread love, spread joy, spread you

Woman woman everywhere

Photo courtesy: Swapnil Saxena



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