And then Jaipur happened!

1012085_794189247276237_1679182871_nMy trip to Jaipur was short. We took Ashram express from Delhi and reached Jaipur within 6 hours (8.30 PM in the night). Finding a hotel, or booking a cab for the trip weren’t irksome. Things happened smoothly.  Before I begin, I must confess that Rajasthani people are humble and warm.

So, the next day we started with a trip to Jaipur. Our cabbie cum guide took us to Birla Mandir. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. But I liked the architecture and loved the shining marble. Just before the temple, lies a gigantic mountain and their on top is a Shiva temple. This shrine opens annually on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri. We further went to Albert Hall which is a museum. It had all the fine, and precious items from historic era. We saw carpets, statues, metals, guns, utensils and much more.


Further, Hawa Mahal was a delight. To visit the palace, one travels through the market area. And in literal terms, the market was all pink. All shops and residences are socked in deep pink.


Disciplined and coordinated, the shops were systematically lined. Finally, was the much awaited Hawa Mahal.

1508558_794192827275879_851840112_nTo whatever distance could your eyes go, you could see windows. Small windows, big windows, windows and some more windows. The palace is huge and gives you a lot of places to glance at. As you go to the top most location, you can almost view the entire Jaipur city. Later, we made our way to Jantar Mantar.


Since, I have not been to the one in Delhi, so this Jantar Mantar in Jaipur seemed new. It was created to understand the time of the day, check latitude and longitude, Zodiac sign descriptions and different other Geography based information. Strolling through market in Badi and Choti Chaupar, we were taken to Jal Mahal, which is very popular about the fact that out of 7 storeys, 5 are beneath the water. You can simply take a look at it and feed fishes in the water. I found it no less than haunted as the Mahal is in the middle of water and only pigeons make a visit. Just next to the Jal, Mahal, you can find an array of flea market. From typical Rajasthani footwear, dresses, dolls to chaat – you name it and you get it.


And, then we aimed towards Amer ka Kila. As gigantic as you could imagine! I would recommend everyone to take an entire day for this palace as it is huge and offers you way too many nook and corners to check out. Inside the palace, there lies an ancient temple called as Sheila Mata ka Mandir (goddess Kali).


The palace gives you an opportunity to quest your thirst for all the history you have been looking for. Intricate carving, floral designs, gardens and more, the Sheesh Mahal inside is a galore of art and craft. I salute the craftsmen. And in the middle of history and art, the 21st century man made a Café Coffee Day. As you saunter through heavily engraved pillars, you see waiters offering soda drinks, patties and coffee – courtesy trade and commerce.


We also attended Phag Utsav in Shri Govind Nath Ji Ka Mandir. It is a festival wherein artists come and perform in form of traditional dance and song. It is more like an offering made to Lord Krishna. I couldn’t have seen much more flamboyance than at this temple.


Coming to food, do not forget to try Daal Baati Churma, Mirch Pakode, Aloo bonde and other snack items mostly hot and rich in spices. And yes, the state proudly boasts off its apparel suitcase wherein you can get Bandhej, Bandhani, Leheriya, Ghagra Choli and more. How can you just dress up and not embellish yourself with jewelry. Get a set of bangles, necklaces and earrings made of Lac. The city offers you vibrancy in abundance and an opportunity to make merry in festivals.


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