Inter caste, is it?

Most of my friends are married today. Majority of them found their match outside their community and by grace of god; they are leading a beautiful life. When it comes to such a marriage, I see people terming it as an ‘inter caste’ marriage. For instance, if a Gujarati marries a Bong, they call it an ‘inter caste’ marriage. Why?

According to me, it should be termed as an ‘inter-culture’ marriage. Caste is absolutely a different tangent. Caste according to Hinduism means hereditary sections/classes of the Hindu society. There are mainly four classes of caste and goes in the following descending order:

  1. Brahmin
  2. Kayestha
  3. Vaishya
  4. Shudra

Earlier, people were identified by their relative degrees and were treated accordingly. Jobs, social status and other cultural aspects were widely dependent on the caste you belonged to. This cast system was such an integral part of Hindu society that a Shudra was called an ‘untouchable’ and he would only serve the first three through meager jobs. This caste system has come a long way in the country. With instrumental efforts by Dr. BR Ambedkar, untouchables are no more untouchables but rather a significant section in our society. All the four classes are treated with equality and the modern generation considers caste a passé.

Now coming to this point, for instance, a Brahmin decides to marry a Shudra, then it should be termed as ‘inter-caste’. But unfortunately, this term is used for all forms of marriages. A marriage where two people from two different communities decide to marry, we should address it as an ‘inter-culture’ marriage and not an ‘inter-caste’. Because, two partners come across a cultural blend irrespective of their caste. Remember, Chetan Bhagat marrying a south Indian, it wasn’t ‘inter caste’ but rather ‘inter-culture’.

Now, what if two people from two religions want to tie the knot? It should be named as an ‘inter-religion’ marriage. I know even Wikipedia has a broad explanation on this but somehow, I am not contented. There are fair chances that many people may have different opinions towards it but I just wished to speak about this so called an ‘inter caste’ marriage.




4 thoughts on “Inter caste, is it?

  1. Hi Debashri,
    I concur with your ideas. I am currently doing a community project on Generating acceptance of inter caste marriages through the creative medium of Origami. I have just started and am enrolling nearby families and local communities to spread the message through origami cranes. I came across your post and felt happy that someone else is also spreading a new possibility in this area. Thank you!



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