Why universe? Why?

How the universe conspires against you?

  • A pimple on nose right when you have to attend a party
  • Excessively sleepy during office hours when you are surrounded by mounting work and ironically, you feel no sleep at home
  • Perpetual traffic when you have to reach a place on time
  • A crush who is always taken
  • A major job opportunity when you have just joined a mediocre company
  • Favorite dress at the showroom which costs nothing but a bomb
  • That ever favorite dress which doesn’t fit
  • A queue at a Government office which doesn’t seem to cease
  • Tripping over a pebble just when someone super attractive is passing by
  • An unexpected sneeze just in the middle of a meeting and you have no tissue
  • An urge of scratching yourself head to toe when you are looking great
  • That deep desire to dig your nose in public
  • Scattered hair and face rubbed with dust during your rickshaw ride towards an interview
  • An unwanted tiff with mother just when you are going out
  • No change with the shopkeeper when you are in hurry
  • Always falling for the wrong person
  • Getting backstabbed from someone whom you trusted the most
  • Electricity cut just when your show is beginning
  • Rejection at a job interview you always dreamt of 
  • Festivals falling on Sundays

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