Tagore and me

I was raised in North India where Rabindranath Tagore meant nothing beyond National Anthem. But, no matter whatever the demographics, Bong clans breathe Tagore in and out and mine wasn’t any different. And then when you are a Bong, you are ought to perform on Rabindra Sangeet (prominent music written and composed both by Tagore) once in life. Durga Puja celebrations mostly revolved around Tagore based dance dramatic performances and poetry recitations.

At the same time, school did something equally instrumental as it brought me little more closer to him through syllabus. Among the writers like Guy De Maupassant, Munshi Premchand, Oscar Wilde, I do not why I preferred reading Tagore’s creations more such as Palanquin, Kabuliwala, Guest and more. I realized how incredible could a story teller be and how his charm could go for ages and ages. His compositions remain immortal to this date and are adapted in different forms now and then. If you take a small glimpse at Tollywood (Bengali Cinema), you will find multifarious versions of Tagore music. You can easily feel a blend of folk Bengal music and Hindustani classical music. The blend paves way to several genres that Tagore has covered right from festivals, love to death.

His expressions in romance, fear, humor or anything spoke about the maverick in him. The literature encouraged the human beings to come out of their fears and inhibitions.

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Rabindranath Tagore

His contribution to the freedom fight and the winning of India’s first Nobel Prize remain like a perennial asset to the country. I remember watching ‘Jeevansmriti’ an autobiography by a prominent filmmaker Rituporno Ghosh. The film shows his inspiration Kadambiri Devi (his sister in law) who influenced him to write a number of literature. From childhood to the time of his death, the autobiography displays different phases of his life.

I wonder why I am connected with him and how? Something tells me, it is in the music that keeps me mesmerized and glued. The tranquil feel keeps me away from the humdrum of life and that constant pricking that destiny does to me religiously. Songs like Mor Bhabnare, Daariyeacho Tumi Aamar, Bhalobeshe Shokhi, and an unending list which goes on my head again and again.

Tagore, you keep me away from this monotony in life from this bedlam, there lies a balmy and serene me. You are there I know, cause thou art my confidant.


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