Mr. Pintu Charan

batuks-young-priests-enjoy-themselves-as-they-190550Mr. Pintu Charan wears a fancy watch

Mr. Pintu Charan loves to watch films

Mr. Pintu Charan dances so neat and preen

Seeing him, boys turn blue and green

Mr. Pintu Charan sings while he walks

Rhythm e’er and he always rocks!

Mr. Pintu Charan imitates the Bacchan

There he goes so animated and oh boy!

Look at his expression

Mr. Pintu Charan combs fake in the mirror

Makes faces till his cheeks sear

Mr. Pintu Charan flip flops sunglasses like Rajnikant

There comes the warden and oh! yeah! wait for his rant

Mr. Pintu Charan sees his kin in pictures

He remembers how he would eat sweet curd

Mr. Pintu Charan counts days in the calender like a nerd

Mr. Pintu Charan understands his warden’s every word

He will go back to his hamlet

To where is a mango tree, where there is a pond

To where Mr Pintu Charan will be Pintu alone

He will go high and low, he will play with the pebble and stone

Mr. Pintu Charan will sleep on his mother’s lap

Mr. Pintu Charan will be back again

And again, he will not cry and will not scowl


Mr. Pintu Charan is a Batuk!





Image courtesy – Internet


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