The desolated hero

It was 2 o’clock in the night and perpetual stout and dusky Viju was voraciously chatting with his girlfriend Swati. Swati Aggarwal, a bubbly, and a petite girl of 20 something studies in Janaki Girls’ College in Indore.

3.30 AM – “Viju, will talk tomorrow, I am so sleepy.”

“Ok, dolly! Will talk tomorrow. Gn. Love.”

Facebook – logoff.


The next morning commenced with Viju’s mother, Radha’s banter and his customary least concern on the ranting.

“You are always on Facebook. I hardly see you with books. When will you ever get serious in life?” mother complained like always.

“Ma! This not what I want. I will be a hero in films.” Viju exclaimed with excitement

“Beta, aren’t we spending on your hobby classes for dance and gymnasium, isn’t that enough?” Mother

“Mother that is required for my aspiration and I will continue to do it.” an adamant Viju responded.

“As parents,we have never been an obstacle in your aspirations, how can we say no to you now. You are our hero after all.” a cajoled mother.

“My mother is the best. Ma, now I am heading to my dance classes. Bye.” Viju gave a kiss on his mother’s forehead and left in haste.


Just when Viju was on a small break from his PC, his phone rang.

“Hello! Is it Viju?” Shymal.

“Heyy buddy! Yes, Viju here. Long time!” Pimple prone Viju’s cheeks puffed with joy.

“Been three years man, we graduated. What are you upto?” Inquired Shyamal.

“Well, working on my body! Dance, Gym and all.” Answered Viju.

“You haven’t changed a bit Viju. Still gazing at stars? Still want to be a hero in films eh?” Shyamal asked all in pun.

“ Oh yes! I am still there, will sign projects soon.” an excited Viju.

“But, didn’t you sign during college too?” Shyamal knew it was flattery

“Yaya! I did. It didn’t work out. By the way man, where are you these days? And ya, what about Harish, Raman and the gang. Saw their pictures. Seems they are going places.” Viju.

“I went on to pursue a degree in management and now, I am working with TCS. Settled dude. Harish, Raman and few others from our gang are in USA for work.” Shyamal answered like a mature man.

“Wow! Sounds excellent! Must be tiring and hectic. Right?” Viju.

“It is yar. It is. Full of deadlines, meetings and stuff. You are so lucky man, no deadlines.” Shyamal.

“You see, I am preparing to be a superstar so, I am equally busy.” Viju defended.

“Haha! Nice! By the way, seems you got a chick? What is happening brother?” Shyamal.

“Nothing much yar. She is just a ‘good friend’.” Viju defended again.

“Oh my god! You are already speaking like a hero. Good going man. Good going.” Shyamal.

“Yeah man! Let’s catch up someday. Come home may be.” Viju.

“Definitely Viju! I usually come home on weekends. Next time, when I come, I will meet you.” Assured Shyamal.

“ You will find me home man. Just give a call and surprise me.” Viju.

“Yes! I will. You take care and convey my wishes to aunty and yes, some to Swati. Man! She is pretty. How did you bag her?” chuckled Shyamal.

“Oh! Stop it! I will though.” Viju’s cheeks covered under those few pimples squeaked and blushed.

“Bye.” in chorus from both ends.

After all the dance and gym classes, Viju was still all set and fresh to face his wall, his Facebook wall. His eyes all elated to see his love come online.

The wall read:

Swati Aggarwal > Viju

“Aww! That was such a sweet thing Viju. Thank you again. I was just wondering how will I ever finish the project.”

“It is ok Swati! My pleasure and you know, I always love helping you.”

“ But, I must say, such nice editing and photography skills you have.”

“Thank you dolly so much. You had dinner?”

“ Just going to have dear. Chalo, I will talk later. We will talk over phone.”

“Yes girl, yes. First have you dinner. I am waiting. Bye”.

Viju’s wall remained filled with similar conversations with Swati. They chatted day and night. Every tit bit of the day was exchanged in dialogue on Facebook wall. Nothing distracted Viju anymore now but only Swati. Days passed by and Viju was either in front of his PC or mobile.

Addicted and intoxicated, Viju was virtually a live wire – Facebook, Photoshop and a series of software to work on his editing skills.


Phone rings

“Hey man! What’s up? Too much of coffee with Swati at Barista, eh?” Shyamal

“C’mmon Shyam! That was just an update. Dude, you did not come home?” Viju

“Yes! I was packed with work. Couldn’t even make it to home during the weekend. This time, I am coming. Guess what I have a surprise for you.” Shyamal

Viju out of excitement, “What is it man? You got a girl?”

“Not only I got but also getting engaged to.” An ecstatic Shyamal replied.

“Oh!oh! What a surprise Shyamal. So, so happy for you. When is it?” Viju

“Next weekend. I will be coming a day earlier. Will visit you for the invitation, probably Friday?” Shyamal

“Perfect man. Perfect! Come soon. You have suddenly brought all college days in my mind. Sigh!” Viju

Shyamal,”I know brother. Do you still wear those florescent shirts and ya, I remember, the ones in velvet material, shining yellow and all? Hahaha! jerk man jerk!!!! By the way, do you still click pictures? How excellent photography you did Viju. I still have some photographs with me.”

“Hmmm! Rarely, I am so busy with my exercise and dance that I have almost left. Those shirts are still there with me. I wear them sometimes.” Viju replied with confidence.

“ You have got Swati now! I guess she loves to see you in those shirts. Huh! Well, why don’t you bring her along too?” A punful Shyamal.

“Ohho! Leave the topic. So, come home, we will talk about your engagement and your girl.” Viju

“And your girl too. Hahaha! Chalo, let me hang up, I have some people to call up. Bye.” Shyamal.

“Bye” Viju.


A lazy Sunday, Mr Shantaram, Viju’s father planned to stay at home and inquire his son’s whereabouts.

Viju’s father, Shantaram inquired, “ What is happening? Heard one of your friend, someone got engaged?”

Viju, “Yeah dad! Shyamal, you remember. He used to come home too.”

Shantaram,” Well! Isn’t there a lot to learn from him?”

Viju, “Learn?? Like what?”

Shantaram,” Look at him? He got a degree, a job and now a wife.”

Viju, “Yeah! So?”

Shantaram,”So, when I look at you, what should I decipher from your activities?”

Viju, “What is there to decipher dad?”

Shantaram,” As if you are not getting what I am indicating at.”

Viju, “Dad! I want to be a hero. You know that.”

Shantaram made a deep thump on the table and replied as loud as a siren,” To hell with your hero plans.”

Radha tried to intervene and calm the father. But, to all in vain.

Viju, “Dad! I always had the dreams. Didn’t you ask me to pursue my dreams? What went wrong now?”

Shantaram,”Viju! You were a child then? Why don’t you come out of your shell? You are 25 now. You have responsibilities to take over. Your mother has been so ill. Did you even bother to get her a check up?”

Radha tried to take defense, “I am fine, I am fine! Please, let’s get away with this.”

Viju, “Dad…..!”

 Shantaram interrupted,” By the way, heard that you are going around with some girl? Look at you! Look at you! Huh!”

 Viju,” Dad! Can we stop talking about her…Please!”

 Shantaram,” I have no clue whose life are you ruining? God should help her rather.”

 Viju,”Dad! Let’s shut this topic. NOW!”

 Shantaram left the room leaving Viju in commotion of emotions. Radha on the other hand was left in deep thoughts on the last section of conversation.


Just when Radha was cleaning the front garden, Shyamal made a humble entry. He greeted Viju’s mother and touched her feet.

“Where is he aunty? Do not call him. Would you mind if I give him a surprise entry in his room. ” Shyamal.

Radha, “Yes beta. Why are you asking even? He hardly goes anywhere except those classes for one hour or so. It will be refreshing for him.

Shyamal, “He doesn’t go anywhere. Is it? Let me get inside.”

Shyamal walked through the staircase with a gait of a cat. Very quietly, he pushed the door of Viju’s room.

The ever Internet absorbed Viju was sitting on chair. His voluptuous body almost covered the PC he was facing. Shyamal made a close and quiet entry and peeped from behind.

Facebook login:


Search : Viju

Viju’s wall:

Swati Aggarwal>Viju

“Hi Viju!”


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