Sita and your love

For last few days, the newspaper columns are flooded with Preity – Ness controversy. In the heat of already burning womens’ fraternity, it disappoints me that at such a pedestal as high as Preity’s, a woman is still weak. By weak, I am not degrading Preity Zinta. She is one of those few who has raised her voice against the abuse. By weak, I mean, how someone (a male) is able to go ahead to that length and in public to be precise. Preity who has had a significant career in the film industry cannot get scummed to such an attitude. I guess there was no love in the first place.

I was just going through an article where I read these few lines by Shobha De, “India is not terribly kind to strong -willed, outspoken women who are dubbed ‘trouble makers’ if they dare to raise their voices, especially against men.” Shall I add ‘wrongly judged’ too? That makes the statement complete. At several instances of my life, I have come across moments where I was ‘weak’ not because I couldn’t fight but the opposite party knew stronger ways to hit me. Here, I again go back to the old school thought where just because I am physically not as strong as men, I fall weak. In that case, I shouldn’t fight back. You never know how the opposite gender will react. Acid attacks, rape, molestation and verbal abuse are few reactions that men have garnered our women with in past in the name of revenge.

If all that is not enough, womens’ dignity is easily butchered by speaking something illicit about her or spreading all the wrong stories. I remember a speech by a CEO of the company I worked with, he while giving a speech on international womens’ day, said, “Sherni bhejo yar, sher bhukhe hain.” (send a tigress, all tigers are so frustrated). The whys kept buzzing on my mind for a long run.

Adding to it, not accepting her the way she is, is one way of abusing her. I should add something about me here – I was once rejected by an alliance because I support family. Similarly, I know a story of a girl who was rejected because she wasn’t working and another girl had a well paid job. Irony in life goes with women. By the way, I am not sure, where do those item songs with women shaking everything count.

It is important to respect women in real sense just not in words. Holding her in public to showcase ‘love’ or animated love and then whispering abuse in her ears, I am sorry I condemn this ‘social adoration’.


2 thoughts on “Sita and your love

  1. Absolutely correct. You have hit the bulls eye. The problem with not just india but with the human society in itself has this evil lingering in the minds of MEN. Someone rightly said, the nation which cannot respect its women is doomed to be a complete failure. Unfortunately the entire human race is facing failure.


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