Why getting married at 27/28 is just perfect?

8f409f4d352b1ecb3b2bc32c54b0320eOf late, a lot of people are questioning my single status. Not their fault! Being in late twenties, I am supposed to be married by now. On the flip side, my contemporaries are married and many have already popped kids. Look at me, I am still hunting for my socks. By the way, I want to get married. Yes! I am a quintessential Indian woman and marriage is definitely on my mind.

Just the other day when I was busy cracking my knuckles, I was thinking how fair is it to be not married at this age. And if this is the right age? It is people, it is! Read these reasons and let me know if you feel the same:

Being professionally settled: By now, most of us are done with higher studies (sorry PhD people). Yes, we are now pretty experienced at our respective workplaces too. Overall, we have been through those typical phases of ‘my kind of job profile’ hunt, rejections, refusals, job switches, bad bosses and an array of professional identity issues. While, we cursed many seniors those days, we thank the same today. We religiously thank our first bosses for teaching everything and that too, all impromptu. Ah! Those good old days of learning and growing. Admit it, you are more stronger in your presentations, sharing your ideas and conceiving mind blowing plans for the team. Oh boy! Look at you, what an amazing team leader you have become. Also, the same has started getting reflected in your personal life. You are handling situations with more poise than ever. And your salary, yes that is worth boasting off than what you started with. You are able to spend like a king and not ask for a penny from dad. That my friend, that, is revolution. Feel blessed, don’t you?

Better understanding of relationshipsGone are the days when you worshiped Shahrukh and expected the same in your ever annoying boyfriend. He never listened to you and you always fumed into a nagging woman. It had to end like that. Most of us are done with breakups and relationships. Also, many of us already have had the golden opportunity to be a ‘sight seeing creature’ in an arranged marriage setting. Many have hit good luck on that. Me? Not yet. If you put your pensive thoughts to it, you will realize you are a winner already. Coming over a breakup is not easy but those who have managed to come out of it rather a turbulent one, hats off to you! It has brought some value addition to your personality, I am sure. And you are shining bright. Now, you are more aware of what it takes to be a good girlfriend or a wife. You are mature and understand the fact that ‘true love’ is not everything. Respect, understanding and compatibility mean equally significant. So, marriage if it is happening now, is happening for good. Moreover, after checking through your friends’ married life, you have already taken some notes and you know what are the do’s and don’ts in a successful marriage.

Being mature, smarter and stronger – With this I mean, all backstabbing, cheating and the ‘last moment ditch’ you went through. We have been through those testing periods where our closest of the close friends ditched us. This was when gradually we learnt chapters of jealousy and greed and how everybody is prone to it. We realized money is more important than anything for a lot of people. Also, you learnt that not all you make friends are supposed to stay in life. At present, you believe more in Chanakya Niti than your best friend. Or rather, I should say, you don’t fully believe in something called friendship. Chanakya rightly said, “There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.” You have understood the basic aspects of life and know how to handle them the next time.

Knowing how to run a household and realizing the importance of money – I am sure, at this age, most of you are habituated to your education, car, home loan EMIs or similar. You have realized the importance of loan you took and that it should be paid back on time. This is definitely fueling you towards doing good at work. Thou is lucky, if you have no loan. Even if loan is not in the bracket, taxes and daily household expenditures are. You are helping your mother in buying the groceries and even many of you are constructively contributing to the family. This is nothing but rehearsal. You are learning a lot of things which people end up doing impromptu post marriage. By the way, I should add, you must have been through your siblings getting hitched and having kids. You are very well aware, what goes in arranging a wedding ceremony, the money and the coordination that is required. And handling their kids has given you a certain sense of responsibility too and a trivial experience of managing a family. After you see your sister, you know what is takes to be a mother, rather a successful mother and how to juggle with a job. Your own future comes flashing in front of you through your sister or brother’s situations.

Realizing your parents moreAs kids, adolescence and teenagers, you were demanding enough. You complained for everything till the late twenties emerged. You have realized what all sacrifices your parents have made to bring you up. Their way of handling with situations works as ‘learning sessions’ for you. Parents are the closest couple you know and by watching them grow, you know what all is required in a successful marriage. Small little things that you hardly gave importance to, mean so much now. For instance, having a sumptuous breakfast and leaving for work with a happy smile is so crucial for the entire day, patching up with wife after a fight, taking family decisions together and others. All these matter and you don’t learn them while sipping coffee in a cafe on a date.

Adhering to diet, gym, good health rulesHallelujah! Your mother who was exhausted with ranting over health and diet is praising god now. There is a sudden change in you. You are more health conscious and taking deliberate attempts to hit gym and make sure you are in shape. On the other hand, you are concentrating on good health by eating healthy and green. The street food is on your platter but lesser than before. Also, most of you are hitting gym on time to make sure the body continues to fit in what you wore in college. You are focusing so much on hygiene and taking care of yourself. What can be more beautiful than valuing for who you are?

Being more alert and awareYou know what is Syria going through? You know the present government’s state? The currency rate? You are aware of everything around you. Thou art updated. With the passage of time, you are alert on the situations happening in the market. You keep your self abreast with the inflation, increase in petrol & diesal rates, the railway fare, electricity and the daily groceries. You are frequently seen discussing politics and corruption in get-together, you feel concerned towards social issues and the best, you don’t really care who is speaking behind you. All these things did not happen earlier but now they make sense to you. If they do, they are adding value to you and making you a discerned individual.

Being good at fashion and styleRemember, how clumsy you were during college? Many of us couldn’t showcase our fashion sense just because we did not have enough money. Those days, you were dependent on the fragile pocket money for possessing something which came in your dreams. You starved for Diwali, birthdays and weddings so that you could get something trendy and stylish. Now, you wait for the 30th of every month. Courtesy, the job – you are able to fulfill all your fashion quests. You name it and you get it. Branded watch, stylish clothes, sunglasses and trendy bags, look at your wardrobe, you are no more what you used to be. People are awed by your fashion sense and compliment you for the same. Many see you as a local style icon as well. Accept it, you feel confident like never before.

So, if you feel you should have been married already or it is taking time, don’t be. Feel proud of the fact that you are more prepared, responsible and sensible. If marriage is happening now, it is just perfect. Whatever happens, happens for good.


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24 thoughts on “Why getting married at 27/28 is just perfect?

  1. what I read was truely amazine..I feel proud of who I m today.. I ve been through tough situations in life,I ve luv I ve lost, I was broken.. Yet I stand strong. marriage is something which s written by god n I believe in him..

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  2. Hi
    Redefined the defined state of late marriages. Early marriage is not a matter of pride or late marriage is not crime. Al that matters is what goes into ur mind and heart at what age. Article is more of feelings based rather than Creative or innovative stuff. 100 likes. Well written.


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  3. Hii Debasari,
    Each word of your writing seems right and I am feeling these while reading, thank to explain in very good manner and want to make read all the people who always on our back “Abhi tk shadi nhi ki” “Jrur LAdki me kuch kami hogi”, “ise to koi ladka jmta hi nhi, inne natak jo hai” etc. etc. A very big “facepalm” for those.
    Cheers !!!

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  4. Wow looks like your trying really hard to convince yourself that your comfortable not being married. So hard that you has to make a list of points to why your better of. Seems like a pretty desperate attempt. Clicked on this link because I thought you might have some new perspective but wow.

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    1. Hi,

      I am pretty comfortable in getting married now, provided I meet the right guy. There is no desperation. Neither did I convince myself or anything. It was a perspective which matched the wavelength of many ppl of my age. Take a closer and a positive look, I am talking about the fact that this is the ideal age and not before it. Our mistakes have taught us the most and prepared us to be happily married.



      1. Hi Debashri,

        You really don’t have to revert to such people.Even i related myself with each and every word you wrote their… nice article all the best.

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  5. Hi Debashri,
    A wonderful piece indeed. Though I got married around 5 years back and am still not 28, and don’t have kids..;) Thankfully I am as much financially independent as you mentioned. I agree with most of the things you said.. However, as per my understanding the right age for marriage is very much dependent on your surroundings. I come from a place having a population of less than 5000. After completing my PG, my parents were left with an option where they had to marry me off to a wise guy, living in a big town or let me go for Phd… we chose the first option..Today I feel it was a good decision…in the process i found my best friend, mentor and a partner whom I trust completely, fight as if its indo-pak war and find solace in his company whenever i am tired after a hard day at work..so all in all its not actually the age, its the person you have in your life that makes a difference.

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    1. Hey Jenny,

      Thank you from the core of my heart on acknowledging my blog. Feels so elated that you were able to relate and also share your story with me. It is equally very important to choose the right partner before taking the plunge. I hope, you are leading a very joyful life. May god bless you!



  6. Reblogged this on Arranging a "Farhan Akhtar" and commented:
    I agree with most things our Fellow Blogger says, but I would add – boys, some of these apply to you too. ESP the growing up and taking responsibility part. It particularly applies to you! Unfortunately, most readers of this post will be girls. Oh well.

    On a cheerful note, Northie and Southie meet this weekend! Yayy! To err more boys boys boys talk. Happy 4th people!

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  7. This is so true and as a guy I can vouch that we need more of such girls, not by feminism, not by emancipation because those are sheer words but by the simple fact that women are one half of a relationship and they are a lot less “independent” because of social and family pressures.

    Having said that, I’d also like to add that we guys, the other half, need this article as much as girls because growing up, looking good, being responsible etc. doesn’t have to be limited to one partner. 🙂

    A thoroughly entertaining article. Keep them coming.

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