90s – when music was redefined!

imagesIn recent times, I have been reading a lot on nostalgia prone 90s. The cassettes, the lady bird cycle and blah blah. I could almost read everything in detail. But, in this chaos, I did not see anything about music of 90s. Remember, Baba Sehgal and Gurdas Maan? These were the first people who brought revolution of pop music in India. The ‘Remix, Bhakti Sangeet, Gulshan Kumar and Udit Narayan’ absorbed India saw the light of pop, rock and rap. And we embraced the electronic music culture with love. This league of music was a breath of fresh air in a country which was only cornered to Burman and Kishore.

90s were spend in getting Punjabified as Gurdas Maan brought feet tapping Punjabi music in the forefront. On the other hand Baba Sehgal showed how India could equally do excellent at rap and rock. His ‘Thanda thanda paani’ and ‘Aaja meri gaari me baith ja’ still make rounds on my head. Sadly, this man with talent seems to have been lost in the sudden emergence of new singers and musicians. His contribution to this date remains matchless. I have heard about him that he sings for south Indian cinema. Hope, we see him back in action in Hindi again.

The 90s saw the coming up of Mozart of Madras – AR Rahman. Do I need to say more? He is a man of few words but his mammoth work speaks the most. Roja still lingers and haunts our minds with a fierce streak of serenity. That calmness and composure that Rahman creates is little done by rest. 90s was such a beautiful period in terms of music. We saw Bali Brambhatt beating the dhols to ‘Munda dekh’ which still manages to appeal. The then ubiquitous Daler Mehandi proved us that Punjabi music no matter what, is, was and will be persistent and ruling. With him, came in line Balli Sagoo, Sukhbir and Sukhvinder. Punjabi fusion mix with Bhangra was emerging like a hero then. Don’t you still tap your feet and bang your head at one beat of Sukhbir’s ‘Ishq Tera Tadpave’? Sukhvinder, on the other hand, is a name to reckon with today. His ‘Jai ho!’ from Slumdog Millionaire is potential enough to raise goose bumps in us.

It was 90s when we were closer to the dot com burst of 2000 and could easily see revolution in every manner. Our generation was one of those first which saw technology barging into our lives. An array of cordless phones, computers and Internet beautified us. This was when we fell in love with ‘Made in India’ Alisha Chenoy and drooled over Milan Suman. That was somewhere the same time when Rajeshwari’s ‘Maine Dekhe hain Sabhi Is Rang Duniya ke’ became our pet. Shibani Kashyap’s ‘Ho gayi hai Mohabbat’ transported us to a fancy land of love and kept us captivated for long. By the way, it will be churlish if I do not speak about Phalguni Phatak and how her ‘let’s cherish teenage’ music became this close to our anthem. Singers like Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Anamika, Sagarika, Palash Sen, Colonial Cousins and a few more made their ways too and registered themselves in our minds forever. Last but not the least, Remo Fernandes’s ‘Oh Carol!’ is perpetually on my mind, nothing but Goan melody personified.

Ah! So blissful were 90s, so tranquil and yet so radical. The euphoric cacophony stills buzzes in my heart and mind. What about you? Let me know if I have missed out on anyone significant from 90s.

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