What you should learn from film stars?

Print As per Indian standards, we are always this close to worshiping our favorite celebrities (many literally do it). We swear by Shahrukh, Bacchan and a host of celebrities out there. At the same time, we criticize them too. We register celebrities in our minds the way we perceive them. What is that, that makes them different from us and be at that pedestal which we just dream of? Definitely, a huge amount of hard work, looks, contacts, zeal and much more. I tried to analyse what makes them maintain that place and go on. While analyzing, I kept myself in place of the celebrities and realized that there are immense things to imbibe from. And if implemented, we can be equally successful in our respective arenas too. Yes, the celebrities have their own pros and cons associated with them but we will look at the positive part and learn the right things. It is just a perception towards celebrities conceived positively. You are free to share your opinion.

Being emotionally strong – I remember going through the news coverage of Pataudi’s death. A legend who died a peaceful death. I closely looked at the bereaved members and saw them standing stern and strong. Closed ones like Sharmila Tagore, Soha, Saif and others, they stood firm in front of cameras and public. A lot of people decipher this as lack of emotions. Same goes with Priyanka Chopra’s father passing away. The lady maintained poise and you could see her breaking down in minimum here and there. This followed a lot of criticism. For instance, I saw someone commenting on social media, “In logon ka chal jaata hai, koi fark nahi padta.” (These celebrities go on with it. This doesn’t matter to them). These celebrity level people have least freedom to share their real emotions in public. I am sure, public will not be able to accept them that way. Keeping once in place of them will show us what it takes to face the camera at that position and still stand strong. This reminds me of Arjun Kapoor during the funeral of his mother.

Not only that these celebrities are strong in handling a personal loss but also, taking care of relationships. Bipasha Basu, for instance looked ever sturdy and upfront even when she had to quit a ten years old relationship. Unfortunately, the history also records some sad stories where a film star was succumbed to failures. Till Jiah Khan’s body came in the pictures, where you aware of the pain and suffering she was going through, the constant abuse, rape, abortion and a series of molestation? Though, we the common people do not know the real story and cannot comment beyond. Emotional strength also has been time and again reflected by film stars like Preity Zinta, Karizma Kapoor and more. But, being ‘all smiles’ like Marilyn Monroe even when everything is totally screwed up is all that we need.

Being confident – Stumbling on ramp during a catwalk and then picking herself all over again calls for strength. This reminds me of Sonakshi Sinha tripping on stage in a designer wear and still not losing her morale. That is how they are made rather constructed. They work hard on boosting their confidence each time they are go haywire. At every step, at every thought, they are an epitome of high self esteem and confidence.

Imagine yourself in a situation where the safety pin conspired against you and decided to showcase certain extra amount of your skin to the world. We go nuts! But, stories of celebrities, their wardrobe malfunction, bad hair, bad dressing sense or their speech, everything is under public scrutiny round the clock. They make mistakes and treat it with poise. When I take a closer look, I see them treating situations with dignity and overcoming it. Confidence is not always showcased through wearing the correct attire but the way you reflect towards your situations. A lot of film stars have had their times of being bankrupt, futile career and stories of ruptured dignity. One of the examples being Amitabh Bacchan, someone who lost out on his career at one point and then came the clarion call through Kaun Banega Crorepati. It will be churlish if I do not speak about Marilyon Monroe. I was reading ‘Life in pictures: Marilyon Monroe’ where I came across the fact that the lady’s contracts did not renew at the Fox Studio, she had no alternative left, but that did not hit her morale. She went on. The legend requires no introduction today.

Being positive to criticism – I remember watching an interview of Vidya Balan who was being questioned on her dressing sense. She answered, “ We have fixed the problem and I am concentrating a lot on Sarees as a major outfit.” I tentatively remember this. Consistent public nagging, lewd remarks, or unstoppable criticism – they know, this will not stop. They remain strong and stand bold and bring in the required change in them. I have no clue to what level was Aishwarya Rai criticized on her weight again across the world. A woman who has just become a mother is definitely expected to undergo a change in her body. Why comment on something that is natural? The lady answered so firmly, “I am a mother. Negativity doesn’t touch me.” Look at her now! Oh boy! What a tight slap to her critics.

Being mature – Finding that his much in love star parents are now separating and that one of them is going ahead to marry another time – a celebrity child or a prospective celebrity himself witnesses a lot of tough and tiring times at a much younger age. Their level of maturity is much higher than we assume. They understand complex situations of a relationship at a tender age. Sara Khan (Saif Ali Khan’s daughter) attended her own father’s second wedding. This usually doesn’t go with typical Indian middle class.

We easily marry someone we do not know. Once, we are in a shackle of an unhappy marriage, we abide by it till our last breath as we do not know ways outside, nor do we take an action with wisdom. But, with celebrities, they seek happiness. They quit a marriage if it is not working out no matter who says what. Moreover, at a pedestal when money and fame both matter, they can not afford to remain to be an emotional fool. Same goes with us. We should not remain in something we are not happy in. Often in the name of society or parents, we continue to live in a relationship which least gives us harmony and unfortunately affects our behavior and job. We either cannot be emotional fools. Talking about maturity, I feel the way these superstars handle their situations, requires a standing ovation from the common man.

Being a hard working professional – Plan a stunt this weekend and jump from, say 42nd floor of a building. Or be away from home for several days, working in the wee hours of night or speak a language they have no clue about – they put in their lot of effort in creating the role at best. As they say, fame or money doesn’t come easy. These superstars do not have leaves, weekends or 9 to 6 job. They work non stop and get breaks (I have read somewhere, they too seek for approved leaves when they need). If they are basking in the glory of luxury, it is justified completely.

Looking at the brighter side, I feel there are tons to learn and implement in life. Somewhere I feel, I should assume there is a camera on me always, so let me behave.

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Where did the lullabies go?

It’s quarter to 2 in the night

I take the sideways

This way and that way

This way again

Where did the lullabies go?

Why my eyelids do not tend to close?

That small space within the window panes

From that space,

Falls straight the street light.

That timid bulb

That plays the folly

Throws the light on my optics

Steals my repose

Steals everything

Where did the lullabies go?

Why my eyelids do not tend to close?

I bethink the days of my babyhood.

Those light pats of the mother

And the glorious lullaby

There followed the deep sleep

How magical the pat was?

A grown up, I am now!

There comes the myriad of thoughts

Those thoughts of fear of the future and introspection

Hours of perennial feud

Between me and the much awaited siesta

I will sleep! I will one day!

Where did the lullabies go?

Why my eyelids do not tend to close?