Let’s talk something important

 namasteSo, the Independence day hullabaloo is over and people are back to their pouts in their Facebook and whatsapp DPs. After the temporary ubiquitous picnics and excursions, the India Gate ground has been cleansed. The flags made of color paper have been disposed to their right place – the dustbin.

The patriotic epiphany is over and out. Now, I have a story to tell you. Read and ponder, ok?

Like any other office, Independence Day was celebrated a day before at my workplace.  We were asked to dress up in something that becomes twin to the flag. We did. Women devotedly wore a white kurta with dark green bottom and dupatta in orange to complete it. Men had lesser choices so they submitted to long kurtas they bought a decade back for some Puja may be. By the way, is Malika Sherawat out of that messy case of only draping the flag? Leave it, we are talking something important, right?

Office was Tiranga oriented and to whatever length your eyes could go, you could see and smell orange, white and green. Balloons, confetti and all those decoration items.

So, teams were segregated and we were supposed to do anything that had to do something with patriotism – drama, song or dance. I was ‘hired’ by a team and asked to find out a topic. During our brainstorming session, all the ideas were entertained and discussed.

We finally came up with three ideas for a play. It was distributed in three parts showcasing following issues:

1st part – Racism and biased treatment towards North Eastern Indians

2nd   part – Calling south Indians as Madrasis (one of the guy said to another dark skinned fellow – “tu to perfect hai is role ke liye.”)

3rd part – Hindu Muslim riot

I, like a theatre master described the roles and recommended people for the respective characters. A girl who had small eyes resembled to the North East characteristics. To me, she was perfect for a Mizo. The group members suggested the same.

She entered the room that moment. I said, “Let’s give the Mizo role to her. You are going to be a Mizo. Yayy!” (I almost celebrated).

The response: “No one dares to say anything to me. Ok?”

Silence for a moment. In a group of ten people, my poker face was the prettiest one.

The person sat for a jiffy only to get up again, “I have some work. I am leaving.”

In next ten minutes, my cab arrived and I left, thus freezing the topic and keeping the rehearsals ‘to be done’ the next day.

The next day, the play was cancelled and I was kicked out just like Sourav Ganguly was.

The group did a Bee’s knees dance on ‘Desh mera rangila han, desh mera rangila’. They also got the first prize. Ironically, we celebrated Independence Day.

Thank you. Ok! Bye!

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Mammoth crowd

I like getting lost in the crowd

Mammoth crowd

Lot of people around

I am busy

You are busy

I am looking at people

And they are looking at me

That jiffy, I am engaged

I love the distraction

I do not look around

At my sadness

B’coz I am so busy

As I am looking at the people

That tick, I do not think anything

Anything bad, anything obnoxious

I like being in crowd

Mammoth crowd

Never feel old on your birthday. Never.

Today is my birthday! Yayy! I turn another year older and officially it is time to whine. But. But let me give it a deep thought. I am definitely turning old, no doubt about it but then isn’t it beautiful that I have sailed so smoothly this far.

I successfully went to school, college and rejoiced my degrees. Equally, I followed my passions, became what I aspired to. A life, well invested and almost impeccable. And there are so many memories associated with all these years.

At this juncture, I realize we all are growing old. With different age brackets, we are leaping ahead in unison. None of us is going backward. Or are we? This makes me feel, there is nothing to feel ‘old’ as in an old, little and wrinkled woman.  Even if I am going ahead in age, but I should release the years I have successfully spend. Let’s take a close look at the following:

  • Think about the 6 years old child who was killed in Syrian crisis and will never be able to see his seventh.
  • Imagine, the man in mid-fifties who lost his family in Pune landslide, for him, his birthday makes no sense anymore.
  • That young fellow from outskirts who has no birth certificate and is not sure of his birthday.
  • Someone who lost a loved one just on his birthday.

There can be immense stories like above. This tells me, I am so lucky and blessed.  I have well-wishers around me to wish me good. Somewhere, I have learnt, I should enjoy every moment. Every single jiffy that has life in it, celebrate it! Dress up, put on some rouge, smile like never before, love all and yes, speak & think positive.

This day, this moment, this will not come again. Appreciate it. Relish it. So, never feel old on your birthday. Never.

An open letter to Bollywood

Dear Bollywood, bollywood

Before I start ranting, let me thank you for the hundred years of entertainment you have given us. Keep it up! Or wait. Let me speak full and then you can decide.

For past several years, I have been noticing a sudden emergence of adult content in films which as you say ‘was a requirement in the script’. Acknowledged and accepted. I appreciate the advancement in Indian cinema and that we are talking about everything on screen. Still, there are few things I would like to talk about.

To start with, understand arts and culture is one thing and moving all the censored organs is another. Can you please justify the logic of Sunny Leone shaking her buttocks and the assets only? Also the concept of why she is holding two Bananas peeled off with a ‘larger than India Gate’ cleavage in a film poster? May be you had requirements like that. But then as I said arts and culture is one thing and moving all the censored organs is another.

Understand, you may have matured but then Indian audience has not. We still do not feel comfortable with excess of skin and love making. Sorry, if I sound old school but that is a sad truth. When you portray entertainers for instance Sunny, Rakhi, or any female in a revealing outfit where everything is shaking like a mixer grinder, understand, the male audiences’ minds are provoked. They get provoked to an extent that they put all their cravings on the girl passing by on street or in a metro. The men aren’t mature enough to understand that the woman on street is not meant for his hankerings. Had the country people been that strong and well groomed, we wouldn’t have witnessed eve tease, molestation and rapes.

No offences to the small chunk of good men we have. Thank you!

There should be some barricade on the distribution of content in the social media too. I am still inquiring the awkward popping up of Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra et al. Understand, Understand, Understand, Indian audience is yet to grow up to a level to accept the above cited in the right order. Unfortunately, our education is doing nothing to develop ‘wisdom’. We mug up and then vomit on the paper.

Make movies which create value addition to the society. Make movies which shake the conscience of the audiences and make them realize the pain and suffering taking place in the surrounding.  At the same time, I do not mean putting away the genres like romance, humor and satire. Please take some lessons from Hrishikesh Mukherjee in that case.  Kindly, work on content, appreciate quality, do research and please survey. Watch movies by Ray, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Majid Majidi and there is a big list.

My deep respect goes to Prakash Jha, Nagesh Kukunoor, Mira Nair, Aparna sen, Deepa Mehta, Nandita Das, Vishal Bhardwaj and others who are doing strenuous efforts to give us the real meaning of cinema.

At the same time, do not ape Hollywood as their strategies, research and acting skills differ at a large magnitude. Accept it, we lack all that even though we have the potential. Use your skills in the right place, exploit the talents and do not encourage vulgarity. I thoughtfully condemn the production of films with adult comedy. Shun double meaning mockery in the content, they do no entertainment in all honesty. It stimulates the senses of eroticism in people rather the ‘childish’ people. While, we are busy in growing rightly, kindly, embrace literature, culture and our richness in languages.

I do not mean to claim, we are doing nothing at all. Things are happening in tits and bits. Small budget movies with extraordinary plots are taking place but not fueled and advocated in the right manner.

Movies like ‘Listen Amaya’, ‘Aankho Dekhi, ‘Lakshmi’ and similar others fail to create their presence as enough marketing is not executed, neither distributed and then we, the disguised illiterate audience run behind feebly plotted yet extravagantly budgeted films like ‘Humshakals’, ‘Himmatwala’ etc. Look at it, education again couldn’t do anything. Education – 0, Hypocrisy – 1.

Couldn’t you do more on marketing for those small budget films which have meaty content but do not reach all corners? In fact, it is very important to invest on films which speak about realistic things. We have a lot happening around us. Please do flip through newspapers, they will give you some meat.  Also, please organize talent hunt for scriptwriters. What will you do with that ton of singers and dancers when you do not have the real people? Invest on song and dance but not obscenity. Invest on something that creates learning for individuals.


Exasperated audience

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The great Indian paradox

I am the only child of my parents and I am a girl. To the world this means – I am a princess, lead a life of luxury and throw money in the air. Brilliant world brilliant! After working for several years, I thought of listing down the comments I received just when I was at the brink of receiving my salary:

  • Where do you spend your salary?
  • Why do you even need a salary?
  • Good grief! where will you take all that money?
  • Imagine we run a family in that salary slab
  • You do not need that much, you know?
  • Are you not so lucky to earn so much without any liabilities?
  • You do not have siblings, you may not know responsibilities, do you?
  • Where all do you shop with ‘so much money’?
  • You should learn to save and not splurge always, you know

Lastly, height of all comments

  • Oh my god! Your last salary exhausted already?

Thank you for the ardor! I am honored. That discreet set of obnoxious people disguised as humans, thou art nothing but idiots. I am glad I met you. I wish people could grow up just not physically.

I must say we are living in a strange world, we go by by the outside. We love turning blue and green just at the thought of others’ visible opulence. All that glitters is not gold. I hope, some aid comes soon to them. Amen.

English August

August, why are you so English?war

You know, my natal day is here


I see

A wounded child on my left

A bereaved kin on my right

A cry far in the east coast

I was so euphoric till I saw the tattered bodies

Till I heard a dire story

Of the women, of the child

Cries the child Allah! Mercy!


How can I feast?

And glorify my natal day?

August, why are you so English?

Couldn’t you fetch some love

That carcass once a human

Begged for life, begged for air

August, next when you come

Bring some ardor

Bring back the humanity

August, be just no English

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