The great Indian paradox

I am the only child of my parents and I am a girl. To the world this means – I am a princess, lead a life of luxury and throw money in the air. Brilliant world brilliant! After working for several years, I thought of listing down the comments I received just when I was at the brink of receiving my salary:

  • Where do you spend your salary?
  • Why do you even need a salary?
  • Good grief! where will you take all that money?
  • Imagine we run a family in that salary slab
  • You do not need that much, you know?
  • Are you not so lucky to earn so much without any liabilities?
  • You do not have siblings, you may not know responsibilities, do you?
  • Where all do you shop with ‘so much money’?
  • You should learn to save and not splurge always, you know

Lastly, height of all comments

  • Oh my god! Your last salary exhausted already?

Thank you for the ardor! I am honored. That discreet set of obnoxious people disguised as humans, thou art nothing but idiots. I am glad I met you. I wish people could grow up just not physically.

I must say we are living in a strange world, we go by by the outside. We love turning blue and green just at the thought of others’ visible opulence. All that glitters is not gold. I hope, some aid comes soon to them. Amen.


9 thoughts on “The great Indian paradox

  1. Dear debashri, take a chill pill … there is a rule of indian society….
    “kuch to log khenge…. logo ka kaam hai khna”
    they always have comments for anyone without concerning their state of situations….


      1. not stragne debashree ji according to our society Indian girl earn only for two reasons, first, if her family is deeply in finance problem , second for the fun as she does not have some another work to do.
        they never consider that a girl can also be a active earning member of a family like a son, she can also contribute in her family finance responsibilities and can also be a just another earning member who is equally occupied in finance burden as a another male like future saving, home loan emi, car emi.


  2. Ive been hearing this month on month ever since I started working in India. All because I am an only child and have lived aboard most parts of my life, people come to some strange conclusions on my life. Why do you worry about salary/hike/job security, any way your father has all the money in the world/ you’ll get married to some filthy rich guy, no? Why, yes, this is exactly why I’ve studied so much and worked so hard. Just so can I chill and spend someone else’s money.


  3. Before reading this post I use to think that only me relatives are worried about how much I earn and how much I spend I am too fed up with their silly questions you would be surprised to know they also enquire about how much I spend in beauty parlours for spa and highlights 😦


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