An open letter to Bollywood

Dear Bollywood, bollywood

Before I start ranting, let me thank you for the hundred years of entertainment you have given us. Keep it up! Or wait. Let me speak full and then you can decide.

For past several years, I have been noticing a sudden emergence of adult content in films which as you say ‘was a requirement in the script’. Acknowledged and accepted. I appreciate the advancement in Indian cinema and that we are talking about everything on screen. Still, there are few things I would like to talk about.

To start with, understand arts and culture is one thing and moving all the censored organs is another. Can you please justify the logic of Sunny Leone shaking her buttocks and the assets only? Also the concept of why she is holding two Bananas peeled off with a ‘larger than India Gate’ cleavage in a film poster? May be you had requirements like that. But then as I said arts and culture is one thing and moving all the censored organs is another.

Understand, you may have matured but then Indian audience has not. We still do not feel comfortable with excess of skin and love making. Sorry, if I sound old school but that is a sad truth. When you portray entertainers for instance Sunny, Rakhi, or any female in a revealing outfit where everything is shaking like a mixer grinder, understand, the male audiences’ minds are provoked. They get provoked to an extent that they put all their cravings on the girl passing by on street or in a metro. The men aren’t mature enough to understand that the woman on street is not meant for his hankerings. Had the country people been that strong and well groomed, we wouldn’t have witnessed eve tease, molestation and rapes.

No offences to the small chunk of good men we have. Thank you!

There should be some barricade on the distribution of content in the social media too. I am still inquiring the awkward popping up of Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra et al. Understand, Understand, Understand, Indian audience is yet to grow up to a level to accept the above cited in the right order. Unfortunately, our education is doing nothing to develop ‘wisdom’. We mug up and then vomit on the paper.

Make movies which create value addition to the society. Make movies which shake the conscience of the audiences and make them realize the pain and suffering taking place in the surrounding.  At the same time, I do not mean putting away the genres like romance, humor and satire. Please take some lessons from Hrishikesh Mukherjee in that case.  Kindly, work on content, appreciate quality, do research and please survey. Watch movies by Ray, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Majid Majidi and there is a big list.

My deep respect goes to Prakash Jha, Nagesh Kukunoor, Mira Nair, Aparna sen, Deepa Mehta, Nandita Das, Vishal Bhardwaj and others who are doing strenuous efforts to give us the real meaning of cinema.

At the same time, do not ape Hollywood as their strategies, research and acting skills differ at a large magnitude. Accept it, we lack all that even though we have the potential. Use your skills in the right place, exploit the talents and do not encourage vulgarity. I thoughtfully condemn the production of films with adult comedy. Shun double meaning mockery in the content, they do no entertainment in all honesty. It stimulates the senses of eroticism in people rather the ‘childish’ people. While, we are busy in growing rightly, kindly, embrace literature, culture and our richness in languages.

I do not mean to claim, we are doing nothing at all. Things are happening in tits and bits. Small budget movies with extraordinary plots are taking place but not fueled and advocated in the right manner.

Movies like ‘Listen Amaya’, ‘Aankho Dekhi, ‘Lakshmi’ and similar others fail to create their presence as enough marketing is not executed, neither distributed and then we, the disguised illiterate audience run behind feebly plotted yet extravagantly budgeted films like ‘Humshakals’, ‘Himmatwala’ etc. Look at it, education again couldn’t do anything. Education – 0, Hypocrisy – 1.

Couldn’t you do more on marketing for those small budget films which have meaty content but do not reach all corners? In fact, it is very important to invest on films which speak about realistic things. We have a lot happening around us. Please do flip through newspapers, they will give you some meat.  Also, please organize talent hunt for scriptwriters. What will you do with that ton of singers and dancers when you do not have the real people? Invest on song and dance but not obscenity. Invest on something that creates learning for individuals.


Exasperated audience

Picture courtesy – Internet


6 thoughts on “An open letter to Bollywood

    1. Hey Rushi,

      Been a long time I heard from you. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I admit Bollywood stereotypes country states and people. A lot of videos have already been made and shared. I will think about your suggestion. Keep reading. 🙂


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