Never feel old on your birthday. Never.

Today is my birthday! Yayy! I turn another year older and officially it is time to whine. But. But let me give it a deep thought. I am definitely turning old, no doubt about it but then isn’t it beautiful that I have sailed so smoothly this far.

I successfully went to school, college and rejoiced my degrees. Equally, I followed my passions, became what I aspired to. A life, well invested and almost impeccable. And there are so many memories associated with all these years.

At this juncture, I realize we all are growing old. With different age brackets, we are leaping ahead in unison. None of us is going backward. Or are we? This makes me feel, there is nothing to feel ‘old’ as in an old, little and wrinkled woman.  Even if I am going ahead in age, but I should release the years I have successfully spend. Let’s take a close look at the following:

  • Think about the 6 years old child who was killed in Syrian crisis and will never be able to see his seventh.
  • Imagine, the man in mid-fifties who lost his family in Pune landslide, for him, his birthday makes no sense anymore.
  • That young fellow from outskirts who has no birth certificate and is not sure of his birthday.
  • Someone who lost a loved one just on his birthday.

There can be immense stories like above. This tells me, I am so lucky and blessed.  I have well-wishers around me to wish me good. Somewhere, I have learnt, I should enjoy every moment. Every single jiffy that has life in it, celebrate it! Dress up, put on some rouge, smile like never before, love all and yes, speak & think positive.

This day, this moment, this will not come again. Appreciate it. Relish it. So, never feel old on your birthday. Never.


9 thoughts on “Never feel old on your birthday. Never.

    1. Thank you for your wishes. It is a general notion but then my perspective with this blog was different. I wanted to share never feel sad of getting older but rather celebrate because you sailed through so many years peacefully. Hope, I am able to keep it simple.


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      1. Yeah ofcourse, some of the examples cited by you are really great. One should feel blessed that he is not in Syria and shouldn’t bother about his/her age.


  1. Hi Debashri!
    Belated happy birthday!!
    Moving around on the website, I’d a glimpse of your page; amazing it was! Actually, I was more attracted towards the background picture, the altar. 🙂 😉
    Coming to the blog posts, they are very well written with deep learning.
    I will read all of your blog posts from now. Bookmarked and followed. 🙂

    Keep writing.
    Nikhil Kundu


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