It isn’t my fault – the pun way, the office way

I always work ardently keeping few distracting tournaments aside. Keeping in mind what all keeps me flurrying, I thought why not pen them down. It goes to all corporate slaves who are somewhere dangling between 9 to 6 and waiting for sea beach to come to them. Let me know if these things have happened to you.

The ever notorious hunger pangs: I hate it when I am devotedly working on my document and then my large intestine follows a tantrum and throws hunger pangs on me. Those biscuits do not do enough justice on honest basis. So, a mini excursion to the canteen and then a trip to the coffee vending machine is mandatory. See, it isn’t my fault.

Those Hii and Hellos – I know I left the boxing ring (I mean my office) few hours ago just to sleep at home few miles from office. But, it is Ok. Going home is important. Now, that I am again in office, I should say Hi to the same people who met a day before like I have seen them after years. The question ‘You dint sleep well?’ comes boomerang. See, it isn’t my fault.

My traumatized office laptop – I have stressed my laptop with Mbs of files and battled with the RAM. ‘Let me share something with you’, ‘let me share some videos’, blah blah and some more blah. Dump everything in my box. Let the IT guy get trapped in it like the spider web. Eeeehaaa!! See, it isn’t my fault.

Those people on the screen – I hate it when when I am voraciously working and during my research some unsolicited sitings happen. Like the Google conspires against me and plots to present a semi clad female right in front out of the blue. Or if that is not enough, a couple decides to display their affection on social media, and right then my screen determines to pay a homage to them – goes frozen. Miles across the office floor, around my bay, heads pop up in unison to witness the sight on my computer screen. That ever over-amiable guy adjacent to my seat steadily cranes his neck and fakes his pandiculation. He had his treat for the day. It is that moment of the day when something ‘not so social-able’ comes on my screen and then I have to leave the country.

After I go berserk, run around my laptop like a mad puppy, the popped up heads unanimously decide to set in like the sun in dusk. The technologically challenged me finds ‘Shutting down’ the only respite. The couple still remains stark and strong on screen and I am like ‘white flag white flag’ to the true love. ‘Please carry on love birds as I take a temporary vacation’, location – washroom. See, it isn’t my fault.

The ever loving boss – Why should I mention him? Isn’t my appraisal near? He is the best of all on Earth. See, it isn’t my fault.

Above things happens to me. Let me know if anything of the same has happened to you while at work. Or if something more peculiar happened probably on a pun note.

Thank you for your comment!

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