What do women keep in their bag?

bag Once, I read somewhere “what do these women keep in their bags that they go bonkers when we (men) even think of touching them.” A woman’s hand bag is more intriguing to men than the woman herself. At several occasions, I have been inquired on what do I keep in that mammoth bag. As per their perspective, I could be almost packed within the bag.

Finally, I thought why not write about it. Here are certain things which are mostly found in the bag of a woman:

Cosmetics and the comb– This is ‘by default’ available in every handbag. When it comes to cosmetics, it largely depends on the personality of the girl. There are girls who love caking themselves with balls of lotions and moisturizers and then there are girls who are contented with a Kajal and a lip gloss. As per the girl’s preferences, you may find the amount of cosmetics. Often you may find a comb as well, those long hairs don’t look beautiful just like that – they need maintenance so women comb them timely.

Sanitary Napkins – Yes, you read it correct! I repeat, SANITARY NAPKINS!!!! This mandatory cycle is expected to happen every month and for precautionary measures, almost every woman keeps it in her bag. This is that ONE MAJOR REASON why women do not let you touch the bag. If you are her husband or boyfriend, you may get a chance. But rest beware!

Money wallet and keys – Women do not have pockets in all dresses they wear for instance, Salwar Kameez or Saree.  And they love living in a certain organized way. So, they prefer to keep a small wallet with them in their hand bag where they can keep money, cards, ID card and other essential things. And yes, going out of house without keys is like leaving one part of your body somewhere. The objective is all about being organized and keeping safe. So the bag helps in storing all of it.

Stationery – I don’t know how many women practice this but I do. I always keep a notebook and pen in the bag considering I may suddenly have to note down something somewhere. Other than, many of us keep books in the bag too which can be read while travelling. Lastly, many women prefer keeping their spectacles in their case and also a separate case for sunglasses in the bag. These stationery items consume a good amount of place.

A bottle of water – I am not sure if it is applicable on all women but I do carry water with me always. Considering how the climate gets worst at times, it is always good to keep a bottle of water with you. In case you are in a situation where fresh water is not available or it is unhygienic, then the small bottle will rescue you. A water bottle of 375 ml to 500 ml is expected to take some space in that bag right?

Shrugs/ stoles – Women travel across a lot of places. There are places where a sleeveless top makes them look beautiful but the same top make them ‘explicit’ in some other location. This is where a woman prefers keeping herself covered especially while travelling in autos and buses. A stole or a shrug helps them in many ways like protecting themselves from pollution, excessive glaring and tanning. So, next time when someone comments that ‘women intentionally dress up to provoke men’, please remember this point in my blog.

Medicines – By the time a woman is in her twenties, she is caught by some or the other medical issue for instance migraine.  I know a lot of my friends keep a small pouch of medicines in case they get a migraine attack, cold, cough, fever or similar any issue. Understand, health is wealth and if a woman is following a habit like that, men should do it too.

Tabs, mobile, MP3, lunch box, etc. – Can there be a life without a smartphone or tablet? No. These gadgets along with earphones need some space. I know, men carry them too but I thought I should add it as an essential point.

Above cited where few common things which almost all women keep. I hope, I was able to clear the great mystery on a woman’s bag. Next time, you see a woman dangling a heavy bag, understand she is taking complete care of herself, hence, the big handbag. Let me end like this:

‘I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they’re versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put into my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans.’ – Maria Sharapova

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9 thoughts on “What do women keep in their bag?

  1. The mystery solved, finally 😀 Well, I guess these just sum up the basic common things leaving out 50% of dunno what that’s in there 😉 On a serious note, I agree that these things are must and essential too to be carrying around 🙂


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