Just another day

“So many places and so many spaces

I have been here, I have been there

Seen the good, seen the bad

Take me Oh fate

Take me with thee!”

Read the lines of poem written by Chavi. Sonia was busy fiddling with her old notes when she found this poem.

“Why don’t you start writing again?”, Said Sonia, Chavi’s friend since college.

“Writing again you said. Sure. Why not?” Replied an affirmative Chavi.

“I guess, you should start concentrating on constructive activities. Isn’t it?” Sonia.

“Hmm! Han” Chavi.

“Doing what you like is best way to enjoy life.” – Sonia.

“Ya I know. Any more suggestions do you have?” Inquired Chavi.

“Hahaha! Stop being so cynical Chavi. It’s ok! By the way, aren’t you wearing those dresses you bought an year ago.” Sonia tried to make the situation a little easy.

“You may leave Sonia! I don’t need your help in any form.” – Chavi.

“What is it Chavi? Why suddenly so rude?” – Sonia.

“I am not rude. Or do you want to be informed in some other language?” Chavi.

“Well! I dint mean to hurt or…….”

Before Sonia could complete, Chavi tore the poem in several pieces and threw in the air.

Tears rolled down Chavi’s eyes as she tore one of her favorite poems.


“Chavi, how long will you take to get ready?” asked Ranjita, Chavi’s mother.

“Mummy! Applying those stupid face washes. I need time.” Answered Chavi.

“I have no clue, why you girls need so much time.” Ranjita.

“Coming out in 5 min.” Chavi.

While Ranjita was busy is organizing things in the kitchen, Chavi came out drying her wet hair with a towel. She stood in the balcony, gently feeling her cascading waist length hair and seeing the passersby down the road.

“Don’t stand for too long. You may get tanned.” Suggested Ranjita.

“Tanned you said.” Chavi.

In a spin of seconds, Ranjita heard a loud sound of the door banging against the wall. She ran to see if everything was fine.

Chavi, disheveled, was lying along the bedside. The cup made of glass kept next to the mirror was thrown on floor. All pieces of glasses were scattered around.

Ranjita, before she could do something, Chavi’s loud cry did enough to leave the entire house in deep silence.

“Buck up! We got to go!” exclaimed Ranjita.


Ranjita and Chavi were in the local bus traveling to the nearest shopping area.

“You are sweating so much. Wipe out all that with your dupatta.” Suggested Ranjita.

And in no time, there was a hue and cry in the bus. All raised eyebrows and exclaimed facial expressions questioned Chavi’s character.

“What are you looking at me? Huh! Kabhi ladki nahi dekhi kya (never seen a girl is it?)?” an infuriated Chavi had so many questions.

Chavi continued in the same angst while Ranjita tried ample efforts to control.

“Do you even know me?  What ha, what? What are you looking at me? I am beautiful, what is your problem. Look, look at my ids. Look you idiot.”

An uncontrollable Chavi required supportive handling. The bus had to stop in the mid-way. Ranjita caught hold of Chavi’s shoulders and took efforts to bring her down from the bus while the exclaimed eyebrows, the customary glaring and whispers continued.

Ranjita had to take a rickshaw to the doctor’s clinic and calm down her squalling daughter. Just as the clinic arrived, it was time to get checked with the appointment and wait in the bay outside. The queue was coming to an end and Chavi’s turn was here.

“How many more patients nurse? The day is almost over.” inquired the doctor.

“Just one more sir, Chavi. She comes to you in an interval of every two days.”

“Ah! That poor acid attack victim! Bring her in.” commanded the doctor.


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